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Chapter 318: Living Together in Bliss (2)

Li Qingcang was only worried about Ye Tianxin being alone when the workers arrived.

Those people might have evil thoughts when they saw how beautiful Tianxin was and learned that she was all alone.

He did not dare to trust the goodness in people when it came to Ye Tianxin.

Just as they were capable of being good, they were also capable of bad deeds.

“Alright then.

I will make delicious food for you.

I am pretty good at cooking.”

Ye Tianxin was filled with joy.

She was about to live with Li Qingcang.

Even though it wasnt as though they were going to cohabit, but they were still staying under the same roof.

She would definitely let Li Qingcang discover the outstanding side of her.

She wanted to be like air and blood, assimilating herself around Li Qingcang so that he would not be good to any woman other than herself.


Since it was summer, Li Qingcang could have just made a bed for himself on the floor.

However, Ye Tianxin was worried that the floor would be too hard and cold, and that Li Qingcang might feel uncomfortable.

As such, she went to the first floor to get the futons and comforters and then put them outside under the warm sun.

She was like a busy bee, flitting back and forth.

She went to the yard to water the grass and flowers.

Then, she mopped the loft and the bookshop.

And she cleaned the tiny kitchen.

After doing all that, Ye Tianxin stretched lazily.

She ran up to Li Qingcangs side and said softly, “Elder Brother Li, lets go to the market together.”

“Youve been working all this while.

Wait for me here.

I will go to the market.

You rest for a while.”

Ye Tianxin shook her head.

“Lets go together,” she insisted.

Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin walked to the market.

Ye Tianxin held a small woven basket and followed behind Li Qingcang.

Li Qingcang slowed down his pace, considering that Ye Tianxin had a smaller stride.

It was only then when Li Qingcang realized that he had not visited the capital in a long while.

Many places had changed.

“Elder Brother Li, its such a hot day.

Shall we have cold noodles tonight”

Li Qingcang took Ye Tianxins basket from her.

“Dont make too complicated dishes.

A simple one will do.”

It was too hot.

One would sweat without even moving.

Much less someone busying around in the kitchen.

He could not bear to let Ye Tianxin work too hard.

If it were up to him, he would rather take Ye Tianxin out to eat.

“Wow! The cucumbers here are really tender.”

“The spring onions are very fresh…”

“Buy some green beans.

Lets have green bean soup tonight.”

Ye Tianxin chattered on and on while Li Qingcang looked at her tenderly.

He thought that his Little Tianxin was really beautiful.

“Oh, right.

Elder Brother Li, you dont have any clothes to change into.

Lets buy a tank top for you first tonight.”

Ye Tianxin bought a white cotton tank top in the market.

Then, she also bought some floral-print shorts and some toiletries.

“Elder Brother Li, lets buy a watermelon.”

Ye Tianxin picked a watermelon from the stand.

She knocked on the surface of the watermelon gently, and it made a dull thud.

“Elder Brother Li, this watermelon must be very sweet.”

After that, Li Qingcang took the watermelon from Ye Tianxins hand, and he carried it in one hand and a basket in the other.

He looked very much like any random person on the street.

“Be careful.”

An electric bike headed straight at them.

The man riding the bike charged forward furiously without any care for those around him.

Li Qingcang was worried that Ye Tianxin might get run into, so he stood in front of her.

Ye Tianxin was frightened, and she landed in Li Qingcangs embrace.

The tip of her nose knocked into Li Qingcangs firm chest.

It was a hard knock, and it hurt so bad that she saw stars in front of her.

“Elder Brother Li, it hurts…”

Ye Tianxin pinched her nose as blood flowed from it.

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