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At first, all Ye Tianxin wanted was to use the interview at Capital Film Academy as an excuse to send her grandmother for a medical check-up.

But now, seeing Lu Qinxin here, all the hurts and grievances that she had suffered in her past life once again flooded her heart.

The feeling of injustice, hatred, anger, and despair instantly took control of all her senses.

[Acting Time]

Ye Tianxin walked outside, her face beaming with happiness.

She could see her car in the distance, surrounded by a large group of people.

Very quickly, she tore her way through the crowd of onlookers and saw some emergency services personnel in the distance preparing to force open the car window.

Ye Tianxin walked over to them and asked, “Excuse me, whats going on here”

When the car door was forced open, a childs face could be seen,

Shocked to her very core, Ye Tianxins legs gave way, and she immediately fell to the ground.

Reaching out, she touched the childs scorching hot skin and was so traumatized that she shook uncontrollably.

Her lips moved, but she was unable to make a single sound.


Her eyes transformed into pools of scary emptiness.

Ye Tianxins little sketch was a solo act.

However, she effectively presented the many facets of the scene, giving it dimension and exceptional depth.

The emotions of happiness, confusion, fear, horror, and hopelessness were all portrayed through her subtle facial expressions.

All three inspectors were instantly drawn into the scene, even though there wasnt another person acting opposite Ye Tianxin.

From the minute details of Ye Tianxins facial expressions and her body language, the inspectors could discern the context of the brief scene.

“Inspectors, my performance is over.”

Ye Tianxin rose from the floor, her face reverting to its normal expression.

There was speechless admiration on the faces of all three admittance inspectors.

In unison, without hesitation, they made a small red “check” next to Ye Tianxins name on their respective lists.

Waiting off to the side, Lu Qinxin had completely removed her makeup.

In a graceful manner, holding a valuable violin in her hand, she stepped forward to face the inspectors.

“Hello, inspectors.

My name is Lu Qinxin, and Im sixteen years old.

I come from Shenhai City, and Im here to playThe Butterfly Lovers for you.”

Standing in position, Lu Qinxin began to play.

Shed learned to play the violin from a young age, and was confident that her performance would impress the inspectors.

Off to the side, Ye Tianxin watched Lu Qinxins performance.

This wasnt the first time shed seen Lu Qinxin perform.

In her past life, after Lu Jijun took her back to the Lu family, Lu Qinxin always treated her well, introducing her to fashionable trends and glamor.

Naively, Ye Tiaxin believed that Lu Qinxin was a good younger sister.

Ironically, it was only when she was on the verge of death that she realized how much her “good younger sister” hated her….

She hated Ye Tianxin with such intensity that she wanted her to lose everything that shed ever possessed—reputation, wealth, status, love… everything.

She hated Tianxin so much that she devised a scheme for her son to die in such an awful manner.

Ye Tianxin looked at Lu Qinxin with neither appreciation nor amazement at her talent.

Instead, her eyes emanated calm, much like the quiet stillness of the sea on a windless day, a tranquil picture of blue skies and jade green water.


Except that, in the deeper depths of the ocean, impenetrable even by the light, an intense hatred that would cause mass destruction was gradually building up.

“Thank you, inspectors.

My performance is over.”

The three inspectors reviewed Lu Qinxins particulars in the papers before them, and the one seated in the middle asked, “Lu, your violin performance is of a professional standard.

You mustve started learning the violin when you were very young.

Why would you want to apply for admittance to the film academy”

It was obvious that Lu Qinxin hadnt expected the inspectors to ask her that.

Smiling sweetly, she replied, “Sir, Chunxue is my idol.

I want to be able to play a character similar to Chunxue.”


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