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Chapter 342: Uncle Xie Xuning (3)

“He isnt actually my uncle, but my brother-in-laws uncle,” Li Qingcang said.

“His full name is Xie Xuning.”

Upon hearing Li Qingcangs reply, Ye Tianxins widened in surprise.

“Is he the Xie Xuning I know”

“Yes.” Li Qingcang nodded.

Ye Tianxin then commented, “Brother-in-laws uncle is so impressive.”

“Brother-in-law is also very impressive.

You noticed the scars on his face, right Its from narrowly escaping death.”

“Elder Brother Li, youre also impressive.” For Ye Tianxin, no one could ever compare to Li Qingcang.

“I cant compare to them.

In fact, Im far worse than them,” Li Qingcang replied, self-deprecating.

“I heard my brother-in-law say that the lunatic Qi Yiyan hasnt given up yet and has still been persuading brother-in-law and Uncle.”

Upon hearing the name “Qi Yiyan”, Ye Tianxin instantly felt intimidated.

“What does Team Qi mean Does he want me to be a soldier But I dont want to, so he cant force me!”

Li Qingcang looked at Ye Tianxin with a doting expression.

“Dont worry.

Im here.

Qi Yiyan wont dare to snatch you away.”

Ye Tianxin chuckled.

She joked, “If it doesnt work, then Ill be studying at two universities at the same time—Capital University in the morning, Capital National Defense University in the afternoon.”

“You will be working too hard in that case.” Li Qingcang couldnt bear to let Ye Tianxin work too hard.

Whether it was at Capital University or Capital National Defense University, he simply wouldnt allow it.

The course loads at both universities were exceptionally heavy.

If Ye Tianxin had to study at both universities at the same time, the pressure on her would be heavier than that of others.

“Its okay.

Im young.

I dont mind any hard work at all.

If I study more, I will have more skills.

Perhaps, I will be able to put them to use someday…”

Ye Tianxins thoughts were simple.

Who knows what would happen in the future

Learning one more skill might be able to save her life in the future.

Moreover, Ye Tianxin didnt want Li Qingcang to bear so much pressure for her.

“Dont worry.

I have your back in everything,” Li Qingcang assured her.

Ye Tianxin smiled.

In Li Qingcangs eyes, her sweet smile was especially pleasing to the eye.

To him, its more of a sign that everything would be fine.

He was willing to do anything and everything for her.

Meanwhile, after Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang separated, Xie Xuning hailed a cab to take him to campus.

This was the school she attended.

The trees lined along the path of the school had grown taller and thicker.

The tall plane tree stretches out its branches, providing shade for those who would sit beneath it.

He missed her…

Longed for her touch…


Qie Yiyan stood beside Xie Xuning, interrupting the latters musings.

“How do you know Im here”

Qi Yiyan smiled brightly.

“Leader, when I found out that you were going home, I waited for you here.”

“In a word, if you want me to help you persuade Li Qingcang, then I cant do it.”

Xie Xuning could tell Qie Yiyans intention based on his glance.

“Leader, to be honest, shes really a very good student.

I instantly became fond of her.” Strange emotions flashed through Xie Xunings face.

“Uncle, look.

For Xingqings sake, can you help me this time Just this time…,” Qie Yiyan pleaded.

“You know, I am also very sad about Xingqing.

However, if I ask another girl to do what Xingqing did, dont you think its unfair to the other girl Everyone has a choice.

What Xingqing did was because of her own passion, yet that girl isnt willing to be a soldier.

Why do you have to force her”

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