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Chapter 372: Dont Mind This Drunkard!【1】

Qie Wenyang looked at Jing Zhichen coolly.

Jing Zhichen snapped back to reality.

How could this be impossible

This was completely possible!

Who else had the Boss treated with such gentleness before

Apart from Sister Xingchen, who had he been so careful of

No one!

Not a single person!

Jing Zhichen took out a cigarette from Qiao Wenyangs pocket and lit one for himself.

When he took a puff, his hands trembled slightly, and his mind was blank.

It wasnt until nicotine filled his body that he had a moment of clarity.

In truth, no matter which of the various conditions it was, Li Qingcang was the best match for Ye Tianxin.

It was just that… Jing Zhichen hesitated.

In terms of age, Li Qingcang was eight years older than Tianxin.

This meant that when Tianxin reached the legal age to marry, the two would get married and have children.

But, at that time,Tianxin would still be so young.

Wouldnt she have to give up her dream for love


This was so annoying.

How could Boss like Tianxin

Wasnt this giving him a hard time

“Yangzi, you keep this matter secret first.

I want to consider it.”

Jing Zhichen put his hand on Qi Wenyangs shoulder.

He felt that he couldnt go back to the private room now.

What if he couldnt help it and exposed what he knew

“Consider what This is Boss and Tianxins business!” Qie Wenyang was puzzled.

Jing Zhichens eyes were full of worry.

“Im Tianxins brother.

If I dont think about it, who will think about it”

When Jing Zhichen thought about his future brother-in-law being Li Qingcang, he instantly felt that life was no fun.

When Tianxin got married, what would the bridal chamber setup be like

At this time, Jing Zhichen didnt know that in his heart, he had accepted this terrible and harsh reality very quickly.

Jing Zhichen took another cigarette and walked to the garden outside the club.

He was standing near the fountain, and his eyes were looking up at the night sky.

Numerous neon lights made the night sky as warm as a morning sun.

He thought, if Tianxin didnt like Boss, even if Boss were to be aggressive, he would protect Tianxin.

But the question was, didnt Tianxin like Boss

No, she liked him.

She liked him very much.

Although Jing Zhichen didnt want to admit it, he had to acknowledge that in Tianxins heart, Boss was probably the most important one, and he was second.

It was a little bit heartbreaking.

He wanted to drink.

Jing Zhichen asked the club manager to prepare some wine and returned to the box.

When he returned to the box, Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang were singing a love song duet.

They sang in a rather sweet manner…

“Brother Chen, you…”

Yan Jun looked at the wine in front of him and couldnt help but ask.

Jing Zhichen opened a bottle of beer, held the bottle, and finished it in one go.

“Im in a bad mood.

Cant I have a little alcohol”

Yan Jun looked at Qie Wenyang.

“Yangzi, whats the matter.

Didnt he seem okay when we came here”

“His need for alcohol flared up again,” Qie Wenyang explained.

Yan Jun looked at Jing Zhichen somberly.

“Brother Chen, you can quit smoking…”

“Come on, you drink too.”

Jing Zhichen was having a surge of emotions.

When Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang finished singing the love song, Li Qingcang walked over and grabbed the bottle from Jing Zhichens hand.

“Didnt you say you wouldnt drink tonight”

Jing Zhichen suddenly felt emotional and hugged Li Qingcang, then said sadly, “Boss, you have to treat Tianxin nicely!”

“Why are you spouting nonsense” Li Qingcang originally wanted to say that it was nice to bring Tianxin out to sing at a KTV and relax.

However, why did that lunatic Jing Zhichen start drinking “Tianxin, lets go.

Dont mind this drunkard!”

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