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Chapter 375: Dont You Have Any Shame【2】

“Between getting him and my dignity, I choose to get him,” she replied coldly as she put on the nightdress.

“Mom, I want only him.

Just him.

Just him.”

“You are crazy! You really are crazy!”

Mother Xu returned to her bedroom.

She looked at Professor Xu, who was leaning on the bed, reading.

“Old Xu, your daughter is crazy!”

“What do you mean my daughter is crazy Isnt she also your daughter” Professor Xu whispered, “Shes just infatuated with a man.

In fact, I also find Li Qingcang a suitable son-in-law.”

“How is he suitable” Mother Xu said angrily.

“What kind of family is the Li family What kind of temperament does your daughter have Even though we would be social climbing, I dont want to marry my daughter into such a family.

You didnt see that Li Qingcang asked the driver to carry our daughter back today.

If he was the slightest bit interested in her, he wouldnt let others carry our daughter.”

Mother Xu took a deep breath and continued, “In my eyes, he doesnt treat you as his teacher at all! If he treated you as his teacher, how could he—”

“Then what do you want him to do” Professor Xu closed the book.

“If I knew that a girl liked me and I carried her back, what sort of person would that make me I think Li Qingcang didnt do anything wrong.

Yes, if you dont like someone, dont give them hope and let the feelings die down as quickly as possible.”

“Do you think I dont want to” Mother Xu was very angry.

“Shes already obsessed!”

Downstairs, Li Qingcang was sitting in the car and preaching to Ye Tianxin.

He said seriously, “Tianxin, no matter what happens to you in the future, dont go to the bar alone.

Bars are messy! Something bad or worse might happen.”

Li Qingcang wanted to say that if she wanted to drink when she was in a bad mood, she could look for Jing Zhichen.

But the problem was that Jing Zhichen was also a man!

“If you want to drink, just tell me and I will drink with you.”

“I see.

Elder Brother Li, I wont go to dangerous places alone.”

Ye Tianxin knew that the most important thing for a woman was to learn to protect herself.

Li Qingcang nodded and patted Ye Tianxins head.

“Good girl.”

His Tianxin was so good, sensible, and not as headstrong as Xu Yuan and Yan Qingqing.

The next day, Li Qingcang sent Ye Tianxin to the university early.

The military training wouldnt be conducted at Capital University.

A large green truck took all the students to the training area.

After everyone got out of the truck, their things were taken away, including the sunscreen and sanitary napkins brought by Ye Tianxin.

“Instructor, can you leave these to me”

Ye Tianxin was going crazy.

These were sanitary napkins.

If they took them away, what should she do if she had her period

“If the need arises, it will be distributed systematically.”

The instructor took away Ye Tianxins sanitary napkins.

Ye Tianxin was stressed.

She was worried because her monthly period was usually heavy.

The distributed tampons might not be enough.

However, all the trainees had their belongings taken away, so she obviously was no exception.

“Everyone, gather together.”

The whistle blew.

All the instructors began to rectify the formation.

Ye Tianxin looked up and saw Li Qingcang standing solemnly under the scorching sun.

His eyes were everywhere, inspecting both trainers and trainees.

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