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Chapter 378: Stirring Up a Ruckus during Military Training【3】

The young female soldier didnt bother to reply to the students joke.

“It seems that you all are too idle!”

Wearing a camouflage uniform, Li Qingcang walked to the door of the dormitory.

When Ye Tianxin heard his voice, her face blushed, and her eyes met Li Qingcangs.

“Instructor.” The female soldier turned and saluted Li Qingcang.

Li Qingcangs eyes swept across the crowd and finally stopped on Ye Tianxins face.

Li Qingcang thought about how cute Tianxin appeared.

Many young girls were also wearing camouflage uniforms, but he was able to find that familiar face in the crowd.

Looking at the way she laughed, he felt as if his heart was melting like ice into water.

He felt warm and comfortable.

“Your task is to teach them the internal work.

When the time comes for the assessment, the people with the worst grades will have a job waiting for them.”

These girls appeared to be prim yet mischievous.

He believed that those tasks, once done, would be enough for them to learn their lesson.

Li Qingcang took another look at Ye Tianxin.

He had to inspect other dormitories.

He really wanted to stay and squeezed her small face, but duty came first.

“Yes, Instructor.”

Throughout the afternoon, the female soldiers took the trouble to teach the new students the details of the internal service tasks.

Ye Tianxin had nothing to do, so she walked out of the dormitory to wander.

The training location was far from the city.

The sky above her head was blue, and there were white clouds that looked like cotton candy.

The heat was scorching, and the cicadas were squeaking.

When Ye Tianxin left the dormitory, at a glance, she saw Li Qingcang standing under a big banyan tree.

Li Qingcang also saw Ye Tianxin.

He quickly walked towards Ye Tianxin.

“Tianxin, are you hot” Li Qingcang asked worriedly.

Ye Tianxin nodded.

She noticed that there were no air-conditioning units in the dormitory.

“I cant make exceptions for you,” Li Qingcang spoke apologetically.

“You have to endure it for a while.

I hope you understand.”

Ever since Qie Wenyang made Li Qingcang realize his feelings for Ye Tianxin, in his heart, Li Qingcang developed the urge to get rid of that feeling.

He told himself countless times that he must abide by his duty and not have inappropriate thoughts.

However, there was an urge in him that he couldnt shake off.

He instinctively wanted to hold her hand, touch her face, and be close to her.

“Elder Brother Li, I understand.

I will not hold you back.”

“Tianxin, be good.

Return to your dormitory.”

Li Qingcangs gentle eyes watched Ye Tianxin as she walked away.

“Ye Tianxin, what did you say to the chief instructor” a girl approached Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin replied, “The instructor told me to go back to the dormitory.”

“The instructor is so strict.” A girl laughed.

“I wonder how the instructors body looks like under his uniform… Does he have a six-pack I bet he has.”

“Ye Tianxin,” Xu Yuan approached Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin furrowed her eyebrows.

She had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, in front of the girls in the dormitory, Xu Yuan rebuked her, “Ye Tianxin, I hope you understand one thing.

You are in military training.

You must act properly and not think about receiving special treatment just because the chief instructor is your brother.”

The girls were surprised upon hearing Xu Yuans words.

Ye Tianxin understood where Xu Yuan was getting at.

She replied, “Teacher Xu, are you jealous of me”

Xu Yuan narrowed her eyes.

She wasnt expecting Ye Tianxin to respond to her like that.

“Jealous of you” Xu Yuan snorted.

“Are you worthy of it”

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