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Chapter 382: Steal a Kiss【1】

“Lets go.”

“Go where” Ye Tianxin was confused.

Li Qingcang took Ye Tianxins hand and led her to his dormitory.

Li Qingcang took out Ye Tianxins travel bag from the cabinet.

“I took your things.”

Ye Tianxin really wanted to hug Li Qingcang and kiss him.

“Elder Brother Li, youre so thoughtful.”

“Thats the bathroom,” he said, pointing.

“Hot water is on the left.”

Ye Tianxin walked into the bathroom quietly.

Fortunately, she found out in time, and there werent any serious consequences.

She was wearing a camouflage suit.

Any visible stain wouldnt be obvious.

However, she still felt ashamed.

“You still arent done yet” Li Qingcang asked as he stood at the door, waiting for Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin replied, “Im done.”

Ye Tianxin put the worn underwear into her uniforms pocket.

She came out of the bathroom.

Li Qingcang handed Ye Tianxin a cup of brown sugar, longan, and jujube tea.

“Have a cup of hot water first.”

Ye Tianxin nodded.

Li Qingcang was a very attentive man.

The water he poured into the cup wasnt that hot.

Ye Tianxin could just sip it.

He checked the bathroom.

He didnt find the underwear that Ye Tianxin took off when she changed.

“Ah…Tianxin, where…Where is the underwear you changed out of” Li Qingcang asked shyly.

Ye Tianxin almost choked when she heard Li Qingcangs question.

Li Qingcang gently patted Ye Tianxin on the back.

“I will take it back and wash it.”

Li Qingcang reached out and found Ye Tianxins underwear hidden in her uniforms pocket.

“I will help you wash it.”

“No!” Ye Tianxins face flushed instantly.

“I will wash it myself.”

“Its okay,” Li Qingcang insisted.

Then he took Ye Tianxins underwear into the bathroom.

Ye Tianxin couldnt do anything, so she just sat on Li Qingcangs bed and sipped her tea.

Ye Tianxin could hear the sound of running water from the bathroom.

This was the first time that Li Qingcang had done such a thing for a girl.

It felt strange.

It was probably the reason he liked her.

He didnt feel disgusted or embarrassed at all.

On the contrary, he was concerned.

“Ill take it and let it dry in my room.”

“Let it dry here,” Li Qingcang said as he hung the clean underwear with a hanger.

Ye Tianxin was amazed at Li Qingcang.

She watched him hang her underwear.

Playful thoughts occurred in her mind.

Had she known that Li Qingcang was going to wash her intimate wear, she should have brought the sexy pieces.

“But what if someone sees it”

Li Qingcang walked to Ye Tianxins side and sat down.

“I wont let people discover it.

Does it hurt”

“Yes, it hurts.”

Ye Tianxin would twitch from time to time, but it was bearable.

“You lie down.

I will fill a warm pack for you.”

Li Qingcang filled a warm pack and placed it on Ye Tianxins belly.

The warm pack eased Ye Tianxins menstrual cramp.

Ye Tianxins eyelids gradually became heavy, and she fell asleep before she knew it.

Li Qingcang sat on the edge of the bed.

When he looked at Ye Tianxins delicate features, an indescribable glow appeared in his eyes.

His fingertips lightly traced the outline of Ye Tianxins facial features.

He liked her.

He liked her.

He liked her so much that just looking at her like this filled him with joy.

Li Qingcangs eyes were full of affection.

Her plump lips were pink and soft.

Li Qingcang couldnt help but want to kiss her lips.

The sound from the training ground in the distance could be heard in his room.

Those voices were so young and full of vigor.

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