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Chapter 399: An Unexpected Confession【4】

“I also bought you a lot of other clothes.

When the doctor says you can be discharged from the hospital, Xiao Cang will take you home, and I will make it up to you.”

“Thank you, Auntie,” Ye Tianxin replied warmly.

She felt a little strange.

At first, Wu Tong didnt like her.

Since the awkwardpregnancy incident, Wu Tongs attitude towards her has changed.

She was now thoughtful and warm.

It was probably because they had a secret.

Wu Tong was a bit uncomfortable.

She said to Ye Tianxin, “You have some good rest.

If you need anything, tell me or call your sister Xingchen!”


Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and touched Ye Tianxins head.

“Tianxin, rest, I will send them off.”


Li Qingcang, Wu Tong, and Li Xingchen came out of the ward.

Li Xingchen jabbed Li Qingcangs arm with her elbow.

“Okay, you rascal.

Didnt you say that you treated Tianxin as your sister Didnt you say that I had a dirty mind”

Li Xingchens words made Li Qingcang blushed.

He made a promise before, but now he ate his words.

To be fair, he really treated Ye Tianxin as a sister before.

Then things changed…

“Xingchen, stop causing trouble!” Wu Tong patted Li Xingchens hand.

She stopped, her face serious, and told Li Qingcang, “Little Cang, this child Tianxin had always been difficult.

Be good to Tianxin, and that…you restrain yourself.

Tianxin is still young, so its not good for her to get pregnant too early.”

Although Wu Tong had long wanted a grandson, she couldnt ignore Tianxins health.

No one cared for Tianxin, so she naturally needed to care for Tianxin.

She wasnt the wicked mother-in-law who only cared about her son.

Of course, she was also concerned about Ye Tianxin.

“Mom, youre thinking too much,” Li Qingcang whispered.

Wu Tong didnt care what Li Qingcang thought.

She insisted, “Thats it.

You take care of Tianxi.

When Tianxin is discharged from the hospital, let Sheng Shousun take care of her.”

Wu Tong and Li Xingchen were both women, and Li Qingcang was a man.

Even if they wanted to remind him about other things, it wouldnt be appropriate for them to do so.

“Okay, you dont need to send us off.

Its not like we dont know the way.

You can go back to accompany Tianxin.”

Wu Tong and Li Xingchen got on the elevator.

The doors closed.

The elevator went up to the next floor.

Qie Wang came in with a kraft paper bag.

He saw Wu Tong and Li Xingchen.

He smiled and greeted, “Sister Wu Tong, why are you here”

“Tianxin is in the hospital,” Wu Tong said worriedly.

Qie Wang was aware of what transpired at the birthday banquet.

He then commented, “Im also surprised.

How could you agree to let such a girl be with Xiao Cang”

Wu Tong frowned.

She didnt like his tone.

What did he mean bysuch a girl

“Qie Wang, how did our Tianxin offend you”

Qie Wang froze.

Wu Tong was questioning him.

He quickly explained, “Sister Wu

Tong, I just think Xiao Cang deserves a better girl.”

The Li family was known to be extremely protective, not to mention the fact that Wu Tong and Ye Tianxin were now on the same front.

Even if Wu Tong still had apprehensions towards Ye Tianxin, she wouldnt allow Qie Wang to talk about Ye Tianxin like this.

“I think Tianxin is good enough.

Shes kind, filial, and had good academic standing.

The key is that shes pretty, likes to smile, and shes likable.” Wu Tong didnt wait for Qie Wang to respond.

She continued, “Qie Wang, you know I dont like nosy people.

Do something worthwhile and avoid gossips.”

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