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Chapter 400: An Unexpected Confession【5】

Ignoring Qie Wang, Wu Tong got off the elevator.

What did he mean a better girl Wu Tong trusted her sons decision.

If he thought Ye Tianxin was the best, then she surely was the best.

Just because Little Tianxin didnt come from a renowned clan, Qie Wang dared to look down on Tianxin


Tianxin, although it was too early to say, was now unofficially part of their family, the Li family.

Was their family not good enough

Qie Wang stared at Wu Tong and Li Xingchen as they walked away, then shook his head.

What happened to these people

Everyone was a little sensitive…a little strange.

The slightest comment could set them off.

Qie Wang took a file and returned to his office.

As soon as he walked in, he saw Xie Xuning waiting for him.

He had been up all night.

“Xuning, why are you here Arent you supposed to be in the military training”

Xie Xuning replied, exhausted, “I had not slept since I received your call last night.

I want to take a look at the report in person.”

Qie Wang handed the file to Xie Xuning.


Have a look.”

With trembling hands, Xie Xuning opened the file.

He pulled out a thin piece of paper from it, on which the report was written.

The conclusion was written below the data.

Xie Xunings expression instantly became gloomy, and he held the paper tightly.

This piece of information changed his life.

“Xuning, I was also surprised to learn about the marriage.”

Qie Wang patted Xie Xuning on the shoulder.

“You should calm down first.”

Filled with anger and resentment, Xie Xuning punched the wall of Qie Wangs office.

Qie Wang didnt stop him.

On the white wall, a small dent could be noticed and some blood.

“Ah-Wang, I cant calm down!” Xie Xuning said angrily.

Qie Wang was coaxing for Xie Xuning to sit down, but he refused.

“You have to calm down, Xuning.

If these ashes arent Linlangs, what does this mean It means someone had tampered with it! I have been to Jiameng Town, and youve been there too with me.

Everything at that time seemed flawless.

If it werent for our little research, this wouldnt be discovered.

Xuning, think about it.

What went wrong along the way”

Xie Xuning shook his head.

He didnt know.

When he came here from the barracks, he was also thinking about this.

He and Linlang obtained the certificate first, and Linlangs residence registration was changed when she was in college.

He reported to the organization at that time.

After examining Ye Linlangs family background, the organization agreed to let the two marry.

His plan was, after the mission, to take his wedding leave and go back to Ye Linlangs hometown for the wedding and to meet her mother.

Its just that…the accident happened.

After the accident, he went to Linlangs hometown according to the address from the information on the review.

He found the old house of Linlangs family.

In the old house, a young couple lived there.

They told him that Linlang had committed suicide after learning of her lovers demise, and his almost mother-in-law had passed away because of sadness over Linlangs death.

Linlangs relatives took him to the cemetery to see the grave for himself.

When he thought of that sad event, Xie Xunings heart ached as if it was being pounded by a thousand hammers.

“Xuning, could it be that the crematorium put the wrong ashes in Linlangs urn I mean, it could happen…”

Xie Xuning looked at Qie Wang and replied, annoyed, “Why dont you want my Linlang to be alive”

Qie Wang didnt say a word anymore.

He felt he had been saying the wrong words since this morning.

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