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Chapter 402: An Unexpected Confession (7)

The nurse who had accompanied them was an astute lady.

She swiftly took out the necessary equipment and began to draw blood from Ye Tianxin skillfully.

Ye Tianxin was horrified when she saw how long the needle was.

Li Qingcang, who was seated by the side, noticed her uneasiness and covered her eyes with his hands, then whispered into her ear, “Bite into my arm if it hurts.”

Xie Xuning found Li Qingcangs arm an eyesore that was increasingly getting on his nerves with each passing second.

‘Id never let that old fart Li Qingcang lay his hands on Ye Tianxin if the DNA report proves that she is my daughter, he silently decided.

“It doesnt hurt,” Ye Tianxin replied.

But despite her words of assurance, her delicate brows knitted into a tight frown the moment the needle was pierced through her flesh.

Xie Xuning quickly noticed her discomfort and couldnt help but instruct the nurse, “Go easy on her.

Shes in pain.”

Qie Wang coughed lightly when he heard Xie Xunings remark, and he threw him a knowing look.

‘Why is he so quick to rush in to protect her when he hasnt even confirmed if shes really his daughter he mused.

Fortunately, the nurse was soon done with drawing Ye Tianxins blood.

The entire process was short, and after the deed was done, Qie Wang instructed the nurse to leave the ward.

“Cang, arent you going to introduce us to her” Qie Wang teased.

“Uncle Qie, this is Tianxin.”

Qie Wang then scrutinized Ye Tianxins face seriously, and he couldnt help but wonder about the same thing as Xie Xuning.

‘Does Ye Tianxin resemble Xie Xuning in any way he thought.

Qie Wang knew that if Ye Tianxin turned out to be Xie Xunings biological daughter, then Li Zhiwei would really stand no chance.

“Tianxin, this is Uncle Qie.

Hes the father of Yangzi and Yiyan,” Li Qingcang introduced.

“Uncle Qie,” Ye Tianxin greeted.

Qie Wang nodded in acknowledgment before he apologized, “I should have brought you a gift since its our first time meeting each other, but I was in a rush today and didnt bring anything along with me.

Ill make it up to you next time.”

“Thank you, Uncle Qie,” Ye Tianxin replied.

In an attempt to make his voice sound soft and gentle, Xie Xuning said slowly, “Tianxin, you should rest well.

Dont worry about the drills.”

When Qie Wang noticed how obsessed Xie Xuning was with hisdaughter, he couldnt help but chime in and conclude, “Alright now, lets make a move.

We wouldnt want to be the third wheel here.”

After Qie Wang shoved Xie Xuning out of the ward, their expressions turned solemn, and they both fell silent.



They said simultaneously.

“After you,” Xie Xuning replied.

Glancing at Xie Xuning, Qie Wang cautioned, “Xuning, she does resemble Linlang, but you should know that there are many people out there in the world who resemble each other.

You could only conclude if shes really your daughter after the DNA results are out.”

Xie Xuning nodded and replied, “Yes, I know.

But I just have the gut feeling that shes my daughter.

You wouldnt understand what Im feeling.

Somethings drawing me to get close to her and to dote on her.”

“Arent you overthinking this” Qie Wang warned before he resumed, “Lets take a step back here and think about this.

What do you intend to do if she really is your daughter”

Xie Xuning found his question rather odd and rebutted, “What kind of question is that If shes my daughter, then Id obviously have to acknowledge her!”

“Acknowledge her But would she want to acknowledge you” Qie Wang retorted and placed an arm on Xie Xunings shoulder.

“Xuning, promise me that youll think about your plans calmly no matter what the results of the DNA test are.

Do you hear me”

‘How the hell could I remain calm if the DNA report confirms that Ye Tianxin is really my daughter Xie Xuning thought.

‘Id jump at the first opportunity to bring my precious daughter home and pamper her like a princess, he concluded.

“When would the results be out” Xie Xuning inquired.

“In three days,” Qie Wang replied.

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