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Chapter 421: She Was His Strength and Weakness 【1】

“The identity of that girl is unusual,” another man commented.

“We must at least ensure that she is safe in our hands.

Otherwise, we may not be able to get out of this ancient land.”

“Then, why are we messing with those people” the mans companion asked.

The man was carrying Ye Tianxin and walking quickly.

“First, she is not a girl who has no power to fight back at all.

Have you ever seen a girl get kidnapped yet remain so calm Second, if it werent for their help in luring away Li Qingcang, who had always been with this girl, its unlikely that our plan would have gone so smoothly.

I dont think I need to explain to you who Li Qingcang is.

Third, you should be rejoicing over having Lu Jijun as bait.

If not, we might have to revise the plan.”

In the eyes of these men who had experienced many missions, these rugged mountain roads were like flat ground.

Night eventually came.

The capital was shrouded in bright lights.

Meanwhile, it was pitch-black in the outskirts.

Ye Tianxin was brought to a nursing home in the suburbs.

“I have brought her to you.

Mission accomplished.

I leave the rest to you.”


The men left as soon as they delivered Ye Tianxin to a female doctor in the nursing home.

The female doctor took Ye Tianxin into the ward.

She brought out a needle and administered medicine into Ye Tianxins arm.

“Little girl, sleep for now.

When you wake up, you can see your biological father.”

For many people in the imperial capital, this was a peaceful and quiet night.

However, for Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning, every second was a living hell.

The wait was brutal.

They would rather do something than wait idly.

“Im going to find her,” Li Qingcang announced.

He stood up and then prepared to leave.

The more he learned about the secrets of “X,” the more disturbed he got.

He didnt understand why “X” was troubling Ye Tianxin.

She was clearly just an ordinary girl.

Back then, the people of “X” hurt Xie Xingqing, because Xie Xingqing was the adopted daughter of the Xie family, and she represented the clan.

And this time

Also, shouldnt Lu Jijun be in Shenhai City

Why did he suddenly appear in the imperial capital

Why did he use Ye Tianxins biological father as bait to lure Tianxin

Xie Xuning hurried to catch up with Li Qingcang.

“Xiao Cang, you cant act hastily.

Weve got to think of a plan.”

“I dont want my Tianxin to suffer the way Sister Xingqing did.”

When he thought of Sister Xingqing lying on the hospital bed with her entire body supported by various equipment, he couldnt help but be anxious.

It was all his fault.

He shouldnt have left Ye Tianxin alone to attend the meeting.

“She wont.”

Xie Xuning patted Li Qingcangs shoulder heavily.

“Tianxin will be fine.”

Xie Xuning comforted Li Qingcang while also consoling himself.

God wouldnt unkindly take all of this away.

That was absolutely impossible!

She was his daughter.

He must acknowledge his daughter.

Li Qingcang pushed Xie Xunings hand away.

“Little Uncle, you dont understand.

You dont know how important Tianxin is to me.”

She was his shooting star.

Her coming to his life was like throwing rocks into the water, creating ripples.

She changed his world.

He never knew that there was something more beyond learning and training.

He never knew he could care for someone as much as he cared for Ye Tianxin.

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