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Chapter 422: She Was His Strength and Weakness【2】

Li Qingcang thought, from the moment Ye Tianxin stumbled into his arms, she had merged her body with his in an inexplicable way.

She became his weakness.

She also became his strength.

“I know how important she is to you.”

Xie Xunings voice was low and restrained, and the fury in his eyes grew stronger.

“I will find her,” Xie Xuning promised.

He would do whatever it took to rescue Ye Tianxin.

Why did this happen to his daughter before they could even get to meet as father and daughter

He wondered if he told Tianxin he was her father, would she still see him as a dirty old man

“Uncle, I found the whereabouts of an SUV,” Xie Xinghe announced.

Xie Xunings eyes brightened upon hearing this.

Xie Xinghe gave out an address, and Xie Xuning rushed over with Li Qingcang.

A small red dot was flashing on the electronic map.

“I will drive now.”

Li Qingcang immediately got on the SUV.

Xie Xuning did the same.

“Ill drive.”

Li Qingcang didnt ask why Xie Xuning would go with him.

He found it unusual, but questions could wait.

Rescuing Ye Tianxin was the priority.

He didnt care about other things now.

He just wanted to save his Tianxin.

He wanted to find her as soon as possible.

The capital was a busy city.

At the moment, some of the main roads were congested.

People living in the capital were used to it.

“Dont press it anymore.”

Li Qingcangs car was stuck on an overpass and could not move forward or backward.

“Get off.”

Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang were both soldiers, and they were trained to think fast in certain situations like this one.

The two abandoned their car and went on foot.

People inside their cars were bewildered at seeing two men on foot in an overpass.

“Qingcang, there is a shopping mall on the right side of the first intersection after you get off the overpass.

There is a motorcycle shop in the shopping mall.

You and I will borrow a motorcycle.”


Xie Xinghe issued remote control commands through a wireless headset.

Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning rushed into the store, and they both presented their identifications.

“Temporary expropriation… Someone will be responsible for negotiation later.”

Time was of the essence.

The two of them didnt care about anything else.

They were racing against soulless people.

Motorcycles were small, flexible, and fast.

Most importantly, they wouldnt get stuck in traffic.

The two of them followed the route planned by Xie Xinghe and cut their way through the marked location.

The marked location had an unfinished building in the heart of the city.

The location had an open space in the middle, and some construction waste was scattered around it.

It was isolated.

Two SUVs were parked near the building.

They were heavily tinted that it was difficult for one to see their interiors.

Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning got off the motorcycles and quietly moved about.

Li Qingcang walked towards the SUVs.

He broke into one and checked its interior.

He found nothing.

Li Qingcang shook his head at Xie Xuning.

Xie Xuning broke into another SUV.

It was also empty.

“Commander Xie Xuning, the youngest commander of the empire, why are you here Let me guess!” a man suddenly spoke Chines from the building.

Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning raised their heads in unison.

They couldnt clearly see the mans face, but Xie Xuning knew his voice.

A strong light shone on Xie Xunings body from the top of the building.

“I wont let you escape this time!”

Xie Xuning looked at the man with rage.

His fists clenched.

“You have my daughter.

I will not let you get out of here alive!”

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