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Chapter 423: The Game Has Begun【1】

The mans voice was arrogant and brazen.

He knew better than anyone else that as long as Ye Tianxin was in his hands, Xie Xuning would not dare to act rashly.

No father would dare act hastily in situations such as this.

Unless, he didnt care about his daughters life!

Xie Xuning was no exception.

After all, they still hadnt acknowledged each other yet right

The light shining on Xie Xunings face exposed how good-looking he was despite his age.

Every subtle expression on Xie Xunings face was clearly visible.

“Uncle, what do they mean” Li Qingcang asked, confused.

A complex emotion flashed through Xie Xunings face.

He lowered his voice and said, “Tianxin is my daughter.”

“Uncle, are you sure I mean, how could that be”

Li Qingcang felt as if fate had played a big joke on him.

How could Tianxin be the daughter of his uncle

Didnt Tianxins biological father die while on a mission

Ye Tianxin showed him the military medals.

“I cant explain now.

But yes, I am sure that Ye Tianxin is my daughter.”

In fact, when the man mentioned the worddaughter, Xie Xuning was surprised.

How did they know this

Who told them

The results of the DNA test were classified information.

Who would leak such information to them

Did they have something to do with what happened 10 years ago

Were there spies from other countries among them

Xie Xuning didnt get to where he was without making enemies along the way.

Someone was holding a grudge against him.

“Commander Xies expression is very calm.

It seems that Commander Xie had long known that Ye Tianxin was his daughter.”

Li Qingcang clenched his fists.

He knew that whether or not Ye Tianxin was Xie Xunings daughter, questions would only be answered once Tianxin was rescued.

Right now, the most important task was to save Tianxin.

“Commander Xie, do you miss your daughter Come, the Xie familys daughter.

Say hello to your father.” The man rubbed his chin and mocked, “Shouldnt you say,Nice to meet you since youre meeting for the first time”

A woman, whose face couldnt be seen, was pushed out by the man.

They were in a high location, and her hair was tousled when the wind blew.

The woman let out a cry of horror.

Li Qingcang was filled with fear when he heard this.

He dared not think about what these men did to his Tianxin.

“Little girl, dont be afraid.

You see, that middle-aged man below is your father.

Come, let me tell you who he is.

He is the youngest commander of the empire with military honors.

Isnt it surprising”

The man took a triumphant glance at Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang.

So what if he was the most exceptional man in the empire

As long as Ye Tianxin was in their hands, how could any of them dare to recklessly make a move

“Come on, little girl.

I will send you to see your father.

He must have missed you very much.”

The man then pushed the woman.

After a loud bang, Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang couldnt care about anything else anymore.

They rushed towards the direction where the woman fell.

Upon reaching the woman, Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang stood there blankly.

They saw that the woman was just a mannequin.

They were furious.

Clearly, the man was playing at them.

He would make sure that they suffer.

It wasnt Ye Tianxin lying on the ground, bleeding, but a mannequin placed in shopping mall windows.

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