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Chapter 433: Tianxin, Im Your Father【1】

Xie Xuning knelt in front of Ye Tianxin and kept giving Ye Tianxin CPR.

At this time, Xie Xuning didnt have the composure that he had when he was Commander Xie.

Today, he had messy hair, and it was as if his handsome face had aged decades.

If one observed carefully, they could even see his well-maintained black hair glowing.

“Tianxin, Im sorry.

Dad was late! I came late!”

Xie Xunings words shocked Xie Xinghe.

Amid the shock, he thought about how one night he found that there were traits of Ye Tianxin that appeared faintly similar to those of his uncle.

Thinking about it, he realized that he wasnt overthinking.

“Uncle, what is going on”

“Xinghe, Tianxin is my daughter and your sister.”

Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation was a laborious task, but Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang didnt feel tired at all.

They did all they could.

For them, even without saying it out loud, as long as Ye Tianxin lived, they could be at peace.

The white light shone on the faces of Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning.

Both look forlorn and defeated.

Xie Xinghe had almost no doubt.

If Ye Tianxin really had an accident, what would happen

If Ye Tianxin really had an accident, the capital would change.




No one understood how Li Qingcang felt at this time.

God gave him the best things, but also quietly took them away.

Between gaining and losing, which was the most painful

It was losing after gaining…

He couldnt bear to lose her.

He couldnt.

He absolutely could not.

He sincerely hoped that there were miracles in this world.

Li Qingcang was reciting a prayer in his head.

He hoped that in the next second, Ye Tianxin would wake up, smile sweetly as before, and utter his name.

Xie Xuning didnt know how to process his own feelings.

He couldnt tell how he felt right now.

He couldnt describe the complicated emotions he was experiencing.

He only knew that if Tianxin really left in front of him, then there would be no need for him to live.

Why was he alive

As a man, he couldnt protect his own woman.

As a father, he couldnt protect his daughter.

He didnt have the face to show the world.

He was a failure.

“Tianxin, Im your father.

“I am your father.

“I am your father.

“I am not a pervert.

“I am your father.

“My Tianxin, Im sorry, but your father wasnt good.

You were in front of him, but he didnt recognize you.

“My little princess, Im sorry.

Its your fathers fault.

I clearly thought you looked like Linlang, but when I saw you, I didnt bother to ask about you.

“My Tianxin, I made so many mistakes, and all of them are my fault.

“My daughter.

“My daughter.

“Please, wake up and take a look at Dad.”

The emotions of Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning infected everyone at the scene.

Even Xie Xinghe, who had always been an indifferent man, also burst into tears seeing how defeated the two men looked.

He first walked aside and called Jing Zhichen.

He must prepare for the worst.

He meant that if Tianxins life really couldnt be saved, at least Tianxins grandmother could come to see Tianxin.

“Ah-Chen, listen to me.

We are in the Ruyi Lake Nursing Home.

You should go back to pick up Tianxins grandmother to the hospital where Yangzi is.

We will be there in about half an hour.”

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