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Chapter 440: I Am Ye Linlangs Husband【2】

It wasnt until after the DNA test that Ye Tianxin found out that Lu Jijun wasnt her father.

Later, she found her mothers diary and the military medal.

Then, she knew that her father was a soldier.

He gave his precious life to this country.

He was the hero in her heart.

At present, she learned that her father was still alive…

“Grandmother has arrived.

I will let them in.

If you have any questions, you can ask her yourself.”


Ye Tianxin nodded.

She wanted to know the truth.

Since Xie Xuning was still alive, why didnt he return to her and her mother

Also, why did Xie Xuning think her mother was dead

Everything in front of her seemed to be a mystery.

She wanted to solve this mystery.

She wanted to know the truth.

Li Qingcang helped Ye Tianxin sit up, then he put a pillow behind Ye Tianxin so she could sit comfortably.

“Uncle, come in.”

Upon hearing Li Qingcangs words, Xie Xuning eagerly pushed open the door.

He saw his daughter at a glance, and tears burst into his eyes.

He had both lost and found.

There was an indescribable joy in his heart.


Grandmother was relieved when she saw that Ye Tianxin was not injured.

At first, she thought that Tianxin had an accident.

“You… You scared Grandmother to death.”

Ye Tianxin reached out for Grandmothers arms.

“Grandma, I was so scared to death too.

Who knew those people were so bad”

It was also the memory of her previous life that made Ye Tianxins less vigilant towards Lu Jijun.

In the previous life, Lu Jijun didnt do anything to harm her, and she was not so wary of Lu Jijun.

Plus, she did want to ask about Lu Jijuns role in this matter.

She originally thought that Lu Jijun was in cahoots with those people.

However, judging from those peoples way of doing things, it didnt seem to be the case.

However, Lu Jijun was taken away by those people, which at least meant that he probably suffered.

It was a pity because if Lu Jijun was still there, she couldnt confront him.

“You, dont make me worry.

Lets say I die, what will you do” Grandmother sighed.

“Grandmother, you will live a hundred years old, and our family will be reunited.”

With that said, Ye Tianxin looked at Xie Xuning, and she said to him, “You said you are my father.

I want to be sure.

Lets do a DNA test.”

Xie Xuning stood at the edge of the bed, looked at Grandmother and Ye Tianxin, then replied, “Tianxin, you dont have to doubt that I am your father.

I am Ye Linlangs husband.

You are my daughter.

There is no need for a DNA test.”

Xie Xuning quickly took out his wallet and brought a photo in front of Ye Tianxin.

“Look, this is me and your mother.”

When Ye Tianxin saw the photo, she thought of the photo in her diary that night.

“This… I also have this photo.

Its just that you were burned on it…”

“I didnt die in action,” Xie Xuning said instantly.

“I was injured back then and was treated in the hospital for more than three months.

Later, after I returned to the army, there were another six months of identification.

I asked Qie Wang to find your mom, but I was told that your mother died for love, and my mother-in-law passed away because of grief from Linlangs death…”

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