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Chapter 444: Xuning, Tianxin Isnt Your Daughter【1】

Ye Tianxin was now recuperating on a hospital bed.

Her body was being treated by various IV drips.

She was having these beautiful dreams.

In the dream, she had a grandmother who loved her, Li Qingcang who she liked, and her biological father.

All of this was so beautiful.

“Little fool.”

Ye Tianxins grandmother stretched out her hand and gently caressed Ye Tianxins face.

Her granddaughter had found her biological father.

What a joy it was.

Thinking about her daughter, Grandmother couldnt help but look past Ye Tianxins face.

Where was her Linlang now

Grandmother always remembered that when Linlang came back, she wouldnt say anything, not even a word.

She often cried at night.

At that time, she asked Linlang about the childs father.

Why didnt he come

Why did she return alone

But Linlang was unwilling to tell her the truth.

She thought that at that time, Linlang must have really thought that Xie Xuning was dead.

Thats why she would avoid talking about Xie Xunings whereabouts.

Grandmother promised that no matter who the childs father was, the child in her daughters womb was her granddaughter.

This was her daughters child.

She would love the child as much as she loved Linlang.

Only now did she understand the situation at that time.

Linlang didnt tell her the truth because she was afraid of her mother being sad.

Her daughter was grieving for the one she loved.

If she knew that her son-in-law had sacrificed his life, wouldnt she be sad too

“Even if this was a dream, its a beautiful dream.” Grandmother laughed.

“If this was a dream, you can bring your mother back from that dream so that our family can be reunited.”

Ye Tianxin held her grandmothers hand.

In the past, there were many needle marks on Grandmothers hands.

It might be because her grandmother hasnt touched a needle or thread for a long time.

However, her hands seemed to be better than before.

“Okay, Grandmother, I will definitely bring my mother back.”

Both grandmother and grandchild were full of yearning for a better life in the future.

Whether this was a beautiful dream or a reality, Ye Tianxin was really happy.

Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning entered the ward one after another.

Shortly after, Qie Wang entered too.

“Ah-Wang, come, let me introduce to you my daughter, Tianxin.”

Looking at Xie Xuning, his brother for decades, he knew what Xie Xunings weakness was.

“Hello, Tianxin.”

Qie Wang looked at Xie Xuning, then said, “Xuning, come to my office first.”


Xie Xuning had no idea what Qie Wang wanted to say.

He was worried that Tianxin would overthink things, so he took the opportunity to say, “Coincidentally, I also wanted to ask about that years incident.

We should have a good chat.”

Qie Wang looked at Ye Tianxin and said, “Tianxin, you have some good rest.”

“Thank you, Uncle Qi.”

Qie Wang accompanied Xie Xuning to his office.

Qie Wang didnt waste time and took out the DNA test results in the drawer.

“The DNA test results are out, Xuning,” Qie Wang said seriously.

Xie Xuning took the test results and sat down on the chair by the desk.

He went through it carefully.

As he was about to finish perusing it, he couldnt help but question Qie Wang when he saw the numbers on it.

“What does this mean” Xie Xuning asked.

Qie Wang put on a brave face.

He knew that Xie Xuning must have seen the result of this paternity test.

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