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Chapter 461: In The Whole World, I Only Like You【2】

Xie Xuning was overwhelmed by Ye Tianxins remark.

Ye Tianxin continued, “Dad, there may be other men who are better than Elder Brother Li, but these men have nothing to do with me, because I like only him.

No matter how good others are, they have nothing to do with me…”

After Ye Tianxin finished speaking, she raised her eyebrows.

“Dad, I understand your worries.

Dont worry, I will be responsible for my own decisions.”

Li Qingcangs palm was warm.

He felt loved.

It was really a blessing to be trusted by someone they loved.

“Father-in-law, in the entire world, I like only Tianxin,” Li Qingcang said firmly.

His face was serious as he reiterated, “The only one I like is her.”

If it wasnt for Ye Tianxins age—she was still a minor—Li Qingcang would have the urge to take Ye Tianxin to the city office to secure a marriage certificate so she could be his wife.

“I will wait patiently—wait for Tianxin to be of age and wait for you to agree to let Tianxin marry me,” Li Qingcang declared.

In Li Qingcangs mind,Its just two years.

It wont be that long.

He had been waiting for these two decades.

Two years would go by swiftly.

“Okay, you dont have to be like this, or else your brother-in-law would think Im bullying you when the time comes.”

Xie Xuning pretended to be magnanimous on the surface, but he was still very angry.

If Ye Tianxin had been raised by him, she wouldnt have been this besotted and easily swayed.

Ye Tianxin took Li Qingcangs side.

She said, “Dad, you were obviously bullying Li Qingcang.”

“You brat.”

After Ye Tianxin retorted to Xie Xuning, not only was he not angry, but he also flashed a rare smile.

“He wants to marry you.

So what if I bully him”

Ye Tianxin snorted and said softly, “No matter what, you are not allowed to bully Elder Brother Li in the future.”

“Okay, you are my daughter.

You have the final say.” Xie Xuning gave in.

After finding out that he had a daughter, Xie Xuning would agree to her wishes, even to the smallest of things.

After the meal, Xie Xuning, Ye Tianxin, and Grandmother got directly on the plane.

Watching Ye Tianxin gradually disappearing, Li Qingcang stood at the entrance, and his heart was full of sorrow.

He must treat Tianxin better in the future so that Xie Xuning wouldnt become the most important man in Ye Tianxins heart.

It had begun.

Li Qingcang and his father-in-law were competing for Ye Tianxins affection.

This was Xie Xunings second trip to Jiameng Town.

Along the way, looking at the scenery, Xie Xuning was serene—a state he hadnt been in a long time.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, and he kept looking at Ye Tianxin and Grandmother.

He looked anxious.

He was worried that Ye Tianxin and Grandmother would disappear at any moment.

He had always been very resolute.

The sense of loss and gain had made him fearful.

He was scared that he would not find his beloved by his side the moment he turned around or looked away.

“Dad, what are you looking at”

Ye Tianxin noticed Xie Xuning staring at her.

Since getting on the plane, Xie Xuning had been on the watch.

“Looking at you and Mom,” Xie Xuning replied with a gentle smile.

Xie Xuning sat on the co-pilots seat and whispered, “Because Im so happy, Im worried that this isnt real.”

“Dad, youre so cute.”

In fact, Ye Tianxin understood how Xie Xuning felt.

Like him, she was also afraid that everything was just a dream.

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