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Chapter 464: That Face Was Her Nightmare【3】

That was the first time Ye Tianxin had heard of this house in Shenhai City.

“Who said Im lying I will show you the photo.”

Zhu Dongmei turned around, walked into the room, took out a bunch of photos, and showed them to Ye Tianxin one by one.

“Look! Its pretty, isnt it Eat your heart out, Tianxin! Being admitted to Capital University isnt something to get envious of.

You cant afford this house even if you work all your life.”

One of the photos caught Ye Tianxins eyes, and she smiled coldly.

“Aunt Zhu, you might not have looked at this photo carefully.

Look, theres a woman in the mirror in this photo.

Perhaps my uncle has another family in Shenhai City He possibly has a son.

Its no wonder that my uncle didnt come back even after such a big incident.

It must be because Uncle didnt care… Poor you.

Yet you thought this house belongs to you Perhaps, a mistress and a bastard are living in your house…”

Zhu Dongmei looked at the photos carefully.

She had looked at the house before and barely saw the details in these photos.

Upon closer examination, there was indeed a figure of a young and charming woman in the mirror of the dressing table in the bedroom.

Could it be that Ye Guoliang really had a family in the city

Aunt Zhu walked into the room immediately, took out her phone, and called Ye Guoliang.

“Ye Guoliang, buy a train ticket.

I want to go there.”

They didnt know what Ye Guoliang had said, but Aunt Zhu insisted, “I dont care.

I want to come over.”

Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning glanced at each other.

If Ye Guoliang and Zhu Dongmei were involved in the incident, then the matter wouldnt be settled quickly.

All these incidents were too much of a coincidence.

Just when Xie Xuning proposed to do a DNA test, Lu Jijun, who had always been at a distance, suddenly appeared.

His appearance had put Ye Tianxin on the cusp.

“Aunt Zhu, you better pray that Uncle does not have another family.

If he has one, then this will be your retribution for blabbering nonsense.”

Ye Tianxin finished speaking, then helped her grandmother and Xie Xuning back to the newly built house.

A team of engineers worked on the newly built house, and even the decorations were very low-key.

Ye Tianxin and her grandmother walked into the gate.

They thought they were in the wrong place.

When the house was rebuilt, the original features were preserved to a great extent, such as the trees in the courtyard.

The newly renovated small courtyard still had remnants of its original design but emitted a different vibe.

“Grandmother, do you like it”

The old woman nodded.

“I like it.”

Who wouldnt want to live in a new house

She was old and wasnt physically strong that the young Ye Tianxin always rushed to the front.

It was all right now.

With Xie Xuning, he would take the lead about these matters in the future.

“Grandmother, this house has just been renovated, and it has quite a strong smell.

We might have to keep it open for a while before we can move in.

However, we can put things in first, then invite people for a small gathering.”


Grandmother already had in mind who to invite when they arrived.

“The day after tomorrow is a lucky day.

We will go to the market to buy groceries tomorrow, then invite a cook to prepare the dishes.

Our family hasnt had a happy event for a long time.

Take this opportunity to make things lively, and, perhaps, Linlang might come back.”

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