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Chapter 468: Could He and Linlang Meet Again in This Lifetime【1】

“At the end of June, she seemed to have received a telegram not long after she was out of postpartum confinement,” Mayor Zhai said softly.

“Because I heard her say that her husband had died, I didnt want to ask too much about the specifics.

She didnt want to say anything anyway.

So when she said she was leaving, I agreed.”

Xie Xuning nodded.

He turned around and asked Grandmother.

“Mom, did Linlang ever come back after leaving at the end of June”

“She didnt return.”

Grandmothers voice was particularly hoarse.

She had never thought that in a small and peaceful town, so many people had vicious thoughts.

At the end of June in 1988, after Ye Linlang received a telegram, she packed up her things and left Jiameng Town.

After that, she never came back.

“Later, Lu Jijun said once that he wanted to pick up Tianxin.

I refused.

I didnt let her go with him.

That day, he took me and Tianxin to the city and bought clothes for Tianxin.”

More than 10 years had passed by, yet every time she spoke about it, a wound in her heart seemed to be reopened.

The old wound hadnt healed yet, and now there were new ones.

“Later, the townspeople said that Linlang was gone and asked me to claim the corpse.

I took Tianxin with me at the time, thinking that if that was really Linlang, no matter what, I had to let Tianxin see her mother for the last time.

If I had known… If I had known that you would come, I wouldnt have let those people talk nonsense, and I wouldnt have left…”

The mistakes those people committed intentionally or unintentionally caused the three of them to lose precious time together.

“Alright, Grandmother, its okay.

There has been no news about my mother.

I think that no news is the best news.

She must be living in a certain corner of the world.

Maybe, one day, she will come back.”

Ye Tianxin comforted her grandmother, but she couldnt comfort Xie Xuning.

She knew that Xie Xuning was ambivalent.

But what could she say

“Mom, Tianxin, Ill go out and make a phone call.”

Xie Xuning couldnt help it.

He had to ask Qie Wang again.


Xie Xuning walked to the yard.

He stood under the old pear tree and stretched out his hand to touch its hanging branch.

There were pears among the green leaves above his head, symbolizing the joy of harvest.

Xie Xuning clutched his chest while gasping for breath.

A sensation of pain, like a tide, almost overwhelmed him.

His Linlang, his good Linlang, why were their fates star-crossed

Could he and Linlang meet again in this lifetime

“Qie Wang, Im in Jiameng Town now.”

Xie Xunings voice had a rare calmness to it.

Qie Wang sensed that something was wrong from Xie Xunings voice.

“When are you coming back”

“Linlang isnt dead.

She must be alive.”

Qie Wang sighed and said, “Xuning, I am going to do a DNA test for you again.

This time, I am going to do it myself.

As soon as you get back, well do it again.”

“No, theres no need to do it,” Xie Xuning refused.

Ye Tianxin was his daughter.

She must be his daughter.

His intuition wasnt wrong about this.

As for the DNA test, he didnt want to do it anymore.

He didnt want to know.

From the day she was born, Ye Tianxin was his daughter.

“Xie Xuning, dont be stubborn.

You are from the Xie family.

Just because you dont want a DNA test, it doesnt mean that others wont push for it.”

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