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Chapter 472: Do You Miss Me【2】

Had Xie Xuning known, how could his daughters life have been the way it was now

“Tianxin, you say, your mother, where is she now”

Ye Tianxin shook her head.

She didnt know how to respond to Xie Xunings question.

She was also confused about the future.

In her previous life, she never found out where her mother was.

Of course, she also didnt know that her biological father was Xie Xuning.

Before, Xie Xuning would occasionally appear on the news, and Ye Tianxin would see him on TV.

Its just that, at that time, she didnt dare to imagine that he was her father.

The man who she had only seen on TV, who was once out of her reach, entered her world and became one of the most important family members.

Perhaps from the moment she was reborn, her destiny was completely changed.

“Tianxin Where is Linlang” Xie Xuning laughed, mocking himself.

“She was my wife, so I should find out about what happened back then.”

Ye Tianxin raised her head and met Xie Xunings gaze.

She couldnt help but laugh when she thought of their meeting in the elevator.

“Dad, lets go back and have a look together.

This time, I wont be wary of you.”

Xie Xuning couldnt help but smile when he heard Ye Tianxins words.

“Tianxin, I believe that destiny will reunite our family.”

“I believe so too.”

Back at the house, Grandmother had already cooked dinner.

It was three simple dishes and one soup.

Xie Xuning ate happily.

After dinner, Xie Xuning discussed the matter with his mother-in-law.

“Mom, I think we should plan the menu for the gathering.

It will be held on the day after tomorrow.”

Xie Xuning heard Ye Linlang say before that in Jiameng Town, if there was a festive event, everyone would spontaneously help.

At the time, Xie Xuning was also curious about the peoples way of life.

The warmth of a small town was something he had never experienced before.

“Thats it.

You and I will go to see the cook soon.

Lets discuss it with him.”

Tianxin stayed at home to wash the dishes.

Grandmother and Xie Xuning went to Chef Zhangs house.

Chef Zhang was a well-known chef in Jiameng Town.

He was in charge of cooking whenever someone had a festive event.

He was the best at cooking authentic Jiameng cuisine, and he knew the townspeoples preferences the best.

When Ye Tianxin was done with the dishes, she took out her phone and called Li Qingcang.

“Brother Li, do you miss me”

As soon as the call was connected, Ye Tianxin instantly started teasing Li Qingcang.

Shortly after hearing Ye Tianxins voice, Li Qingcang took his phone and went to the garden.

“I missed you.” Li Qingcang looked around, and then he spoke in a low voice, “I regret letting you go with him.”

“Brother Li, I miss you too.

I miss you so much.”

Li Qingcang let out a small laugh upon hearing Ye Tianxin say that.

This was what it was like to be in love.

It was really beautiful.

It turned out that the words used to describe love stories in novels werent fabricated, but real.

“If you miss me, then come back soon.”

Li Qingcang felt like he had been poisoned, and Ye Tianxin was the antidote.

He suspected that he might not be able to hold back for two years.

He wanted to snatch her so he could be with her now.

“Brother Li, you have no idea, but when I came back with my dad this time, I witnessed how evil a person could be.

When my dad came to see us years ago, my uncle and his wife were living with us.

For money, they told my father that my mother and grandmother died… Di Shanshis mother is also despicable.”

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