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Chapter 511: Gu Yancheng Cheats His Father【2】

“Thats impossible.

Youre just a girl from a small town.

How can you be the daughter of Commander Xie”

Although Gu Yancheng wasnt familiar with the imperial capitals social circle, he was a guy, so naturally he paid attention to the militarys affairs.

Naturally he has heard of Commander Xie Xuning.

“It doesnt matter how Im his daughter.

Whats important is that you now know that Im Xie Xunings daughter, so do you still think I would care about Lu Jijuns properties”

Ye Tianxin held Li Qingcangs hand, then said slowly, “My advice to you so to stop being a lovesick fool.

You look like a smart man, but why are you so mentally retarded when you speak”

Li Qingcang couldnt help but laugh.

His Tianxin was so cute!

Even when she dissed people she did so in such a uniquely graceful way.

He knew that he was probably a little biased in this regard, and he was looking at her through a fog of emotion.

He would enjoy whatever she did simply because she was someone he liked.

“Ye Tianxin, so you would rather donate whatever you inherited, rather than give it back to Qingxin”

Gu Yancheng gritted his teeth.

How could there be such a wicked girl in this world

“Yes, do you have any objections”

After Ye Tianxin said that, Gu Yanbai came in.

He looked at Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin apologetically.

“Young Master Li, Miss Ye, Im sorry for not disciplining my son properly.”

Gu Yancheng felt uncomfortable when he realized that his father was not on his side.

It made it worse when he noticed that his father was talking to Ye Tianxin in such a humble and reverent manner.

“Dad, why are you here”

Gu Yanbai shot Gu Yancheng a fierce glare.

He used to think his son was very sensible, but now, it seems that his son has almost become a nerd.

“Sorry for bothering you two.

How about I act as the host tonight and invite you to my home”

“No need, just take your son and go!”

Who wanted to have a meal with an old man

He finally had some private time with Ye Tianxin, and he didnt want to be disturbed.

“Then I wont bother you two.”

Gu Yanbai forcibly pulled Gu Yancheng away from the presidential suite.

He received a call from the family servant and hurried over, but he was still a step slower.

This stupid son of his actually did such a thing.

“Gu Yancheng, follow me!”

Gu Yanbai pulled Gu Yancheng directly into another room.

As soon as he closed the door, he slapped Gu Yancheng on the face.

“Gu Yancheng, dont you have any brains Do you take Lu Qingxin at her word no matter what she says If one day, Lu Qingxin killed someone and asked you to go to jail for her, would you also go to jail for her”

Gu Yancheng covered his face and said with a look of grief, “Dad, why did you hit me”

“Do you know who that Young Master Li actually is” Gu Yanbais chest kept heaving in anger.

“His father is Li Xing.”

“Even if Li Xing is his father, it doesnt mean he can just mess around!”

Gu Yancheng felt extremely wronged.

He was still a naïve young man living under the shelter of his ivory tower and didnt know how cruel the real world could be.

Gu Yanbai sneered.

His son actually felt wronged

“How did Young Master Li mess around What does Lu Jijuns own will and the property he is willing to divide have to do with you If Ye Tianxin doesnt want this property for herself and is willing to donate it, thats her business.

What right do you have to make Ye Tianxin return them to Lu Qingxin Did Lu Qingxin earn them or have a right to them Although the Lu Corporation is in a precarious situation right now, a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

As long as Lu Qingxin doesnt dig her own grave, she can continue to enjoy the rest of her life without worrying about food or clothing… Im putting my foot down.

Listen to me, either you pack your things now and go back to the Capital University for school, or go abroad!”

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