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Chapter 537: Chapter 537: Kicked Out Of The Imperial Capital【2】

“Your little girl is quite brazen.

I want to see who will let our family get out of the imperial capital.”

Li Qingcang didnt understand why there are such mentally retarded people in this world.

It stands to reason that he let her off easy last time.

Just letting Liu Xu get kicked out of Capital University was already very generous.

Liu Xus family not only did not learn ta lesson from last times incident, but became more and more arrogant.

Did they really treat Tianxin as a pushover

They thought they could bully her however they saw fit


When Li Qingcangs voice sounded, Liu Xus face suddenly turned pale.

Liu Xus mother was also startled.

She did not expect that Li Qingcang would be here with Ye Tianxin.

“Young Master Li…”

Liu Xus mothers voice trembled.

“Dont call me that.

The imperial capital is so big, and Im just an ordinary person.

How can I afford your address ofYoung Master Li.”

When Li Qingcang said this, Liu Xu and her mother both looked at each other.

They thought to themselves, this was bad.

They offended Young Master Li.

They would have no choice but to get out of the Imperial Capital.

“Brother Li, why did you come out Didnt I keep gesturing for you not to come out”

Ye Tianxin protested coquettishly.

She still wanted to see how Liu Xiu and her mother would dig their graves.

She hadnt even had enough fun yet

Yet Li Qingcang revealed himself.

“I also wanted to see what kind of mother could raise such a daughter.

Now, upon seeing you, its really eye-opening.”

Liu Xiu took her mothers hand, and she asked silently, what should they do now

If she had known that Young Master Li was here, she definitely wouldnt have come!

“Young Master Li.”

Liu Xus mother thought to herself, if they were driven out of the imperial capital by Young Master Li, their family would really be completely ruined.

“It seems that this lady is complaining about Liu Xus punishment from Capital University last time.

Then I will tell you what happened in detail.

First, your daughter stretched out her leg and tripped Tianxin during the song drawing competition.”

Liu Xu retorted warily, “I didnt mean it.”

“As for whether or not it was intentional, you know in your heart.

Second of all, when Tianxin was sleeping, your daughter poured a basin of water, causing Tianxin to have a high fever at night and get sent to the hospital for emergency treatment…”

When Du Juan heard that Tianxin had suffered so many grievances, she shed tears in distress.

She blamed herself for only caring about the late stage of the movie during the previous period of time, and neglecting Tianxin.

“Today, I finally met the person who raised her daughter into how she has become today.”

The insinuation of Li Qingcangs words was, with a mother like this, how good can the daughter turn out

Liu Xus mother didnt hesitate, and she didnt care about her image anymore.

She knelt down in front of Li Qingcang.

“Please have mercy.”

“I cant have mercy.

If not, anyone will dare to bully my Tianxin in the future, dont you think”

Li Qingcangs voice was very soft and slow, but it carried a hint of coldness.

He was a person who did what he said.

Whats more, some people cant remember things without being taught a lesson.

His Tianxin is not something just anyone can humiliate.

“Please go home and discuss it amongst yourselves.

Should you move yourselves Or should I let someone help you guys move Tomorrow, I dont want anyone to see you in the Imperial City anymore.”

Liu Xus mother fell on her lap.

She looked at Ye Tianxin with eyes filled with resentment.

How did this vixen bewitch Young Master Li

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