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Chapter 547: Chapter 547: Ten Thousand To Help Me Ruin Her Face【2】

He thought about how his proud disciple couldnt become his son-in-law.

There was a little regret in his heart.

Not long after, Xu Yuan said that she was going to reapply her makeup, and she found a waiter.

“Ill give you ten thousand yuan for you to help me pour a glass of boiling water on her face.

Hows that”

By coincidence, the waiter who Xu Yuan found happened to be Ye Youran.

Ye Youran looked at Xu Yuan and thought, did this woman and Ye Tianxin have a grudge too

“Ten thousand is too little.

I want one hundred thousand.

If you transfer to me now, I will go now!”

One hundred thousand

Xu Yuan bit her lip.

One hundred thousand was a bit too much.

How can she get so much cash in a moments notice

Ye Youran was in desperate need of money now.

Because of her good performance in the detention center and someone to bail her out, she came out of the detention center ahead of time.

The arson incident had completely changed her life trajectory.

If her arson hadnt been discovered, she would still be able to take the college entrance examination normally, and she could even become a student of a top university.

If she wasnt discovered, she would have a bright and splendid future.

But now, she can only live in a group rented house in this clubhouse.

She desperately needed this 100,000 yuan.

With this 100,000 yuan, she can move out of the group rented house and rent an apartment for herself.

Xu Yuan made a transfer of 100,000 yuan to Ye Youran with her phone.

Ye Youran saw Xu Yuan do the transfer with her own eyes.

After confirming that the transfer was successful, she picked up a glass of boiling water and opened the door of the private room in front of her.

Ye Youran already dared to set fire, so pouring boiling water was a piece of cake.

As soon as she walked into the private room, she tightly held the glass with boiling water, but when she was about to pour it out, Jing Zhichen kicked Ye Yourans abdomen.

“It really is you, Ye Youran.”

The boiling water splashed on Ye Yourans face, and Ye Youran yelled out in pain.

When Jing Zhichen saw this, he couldnt help being afraid.

Fortunately, Tianxin paid attention and said, “that person looks like Ye Youran.”

If not… the boiling water splashed on Ye Yourans face now would be splashed on Tianxins face.

“Ye Tianxin, you ruined my life.”

Ye Yourans words made Ye Tianxin sneer.

Ye Youran still thought that she wasnt wrong, and Ye Tianxin was the one who was wrong.

Why was she so shameless

“Did I hurt you Ye Youran, did I spill the gasoline Or did I set off the fire If you dare to set the house on fire, why dont you dare to admit it”

Thinking of the raging fire that night, Ye Tianxin still had lingering fear.

If not for Guan Chenxi, after that big fire, would she and her grandma still be alive in this world

Would she still have a chance to meet Xie Xuning

Would she still be a couple with Li Qingcang

“Ye Tianxin, dont be too arrogant.

Do you think that in this world, only I only hate you You have to know, there are people who hate you more than me, and they cant wait to burn you to death!”

Ye Yourans face felt hot and painful.

But at this time, she didnt care at all.

She heard from her classmates that Ye Tianxin had found her biological father.

He seems to be a big shot government official.

When she heard this, she felt like she was going crazy with envy.


Why was her life in pieces

Why was her family full of never ending arguments

Why did she, Ye Tianxin, have such a good fate to have such a powerful government official as her father

Ye Youran thought about how that day, she went to Shenhai City, and she saw her former loving father supporting a young pregnant woman as they were on a walk.

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