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Chapter 560: Chapter 560: Boss, Did You Have An Argument With Tianxin?【1】

“Dad, Xiao Jin was a quiet child who could play with a Rubiks Cube all afternoon.

He liked to pile wood and Lego.”

“We can buy them both.”

Ye Tianxin cried for a long time, then Xie Xuning supported her as they slowly left the cemetery.

Under the street lamp, the figure of the father and daughter were elongated.

That night, Ye Tianxin slept until dawn.

She saw Xiao Jin in her dream.

She dreamed that Xiao Jin said, Mom, I love you.

Unlike Ye Tianxin, Xie Xuning stayed up all night.

He carefully sorted out Tianxins past life in the study, and after finishing sorting it, he locked it in the safe.

His daughter, Tianxin, has been wronged too much.

He, her father, didnt take good care of his daughter.

All of this was his fault.

Li Qingcang drove directly to Yan Ges apartment.

He stood at the door of the apartment and rang the doorbell.

Yan Ge rubbed his sleepy eyes and walked to the door of the apartment.

“Boss, what are you doing so late…”

Yan Ge was dressed in pajamas and yawning.

Li Qingcang directly dragged him into the elevator by the collar.

In the elevator, Yan Ge was wearing a cartoon Doraemon T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops on his feet.

His hair was messy.

“Mom, look, Doraemon.”

There was a little boy leaning on his mothers shoulder.

The mother had a bag of things in her hand.

“Mom saw it.

Be good, and close your eyes.

Wait until we arrive at the hospital and the doctor gives you a shot.”

Yan Ge perceptively sensed that Li Qingcangs mood wasnt right.

He silently looked at the buttons in the elevator and pondered over it.

What happened to make the boss emotions change like this

Could it be that… he suffered heartbreak

That was impossible.

Yan Ge quickly rejected this idea.

He knew that in Tianxins heart, Li Qingcang was the best.

So, how could he have suffered a heartbreak

Could it be that his boss didnt want to do peacekeeping

It was understandable.

He finally found true love after so many years, but now he has to go do peacekeeping, and for two years.

Anyone would be…unhappy.

They arrived at the first floor, then Li Qingcang and Yan Ge got into the car.

When Li Qingcang was about to start the car, he found that the mother and son who were in the elevator with them were waiting for a car on the side of the road.

Li Qingcang got out of the car again.

He walked up to the mother and son, “Where are you two going Ill send you two!”

The Mom felt tempted.

It was late so it was difficult to hail a taxi here.

Many taxis might refuse to take them.

“My teacher said that we cant follow strangers.”

The little boy said in a childish manner.

Li Qingcangs eyes became slightly red, and he took out his work permit.

“Kid, Im not a bad person.

This is my work permit.”

After his mother confirmed Li Qingcangs work permit, she agreed to get in the car.

Yan Ge kept feeling that something was wrong with Li Qingcang.

Although his boss liked doing good deeds,…this time, it felt a little different.

“Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a soldier like him.”

The little boy sat beside his mother while looking at Li Qingcang with admiration.

Yan Ge turned his head and teased the little boy, “Then dont cry when the nurse gives you an injection later!”


After Li Qingcang drove the mother and son to the entrance of the hospital, he drove back to the training ground with Yan Ge.


Li Qingcang sat upright and looked at Yan Ge with murderous intent.

Yan Ge was on the verge of tears as he thought, Boss, can you tell me whats on your nerves

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