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Chapter 568: Chapter 568: Ye Tianxin Is Pregnant!【1】

“Little Cang, be nice to Tianxin.”

Xie Xuning didnt force it either.

It was a matter between Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin.

He didnt need to do anything else at all.

He believed that Li Qingcang could make his own judgment.

“I will, because Tianxin is also my treasure.”

The fact that Xie Xuning had a daughter officially spread among the upper-class society of the imperial capital.

Ye Tianxins true identity also reached Yan Qingqings ears.

Yan Qingqing couldnt believe it at first, but after repeated questioning, she learned that Ye Tianxin was really Xie Xunings daughter.

But… didnt Lu Qingxin say that Ye Tianxin was the illegitimate daughter of her father and his first love

Yan Qingqing selectively ignored those words Jing Zhichen said at dinner that day.

“Qingqing, long time no see.

You look more beautiful than before.”

After Lu Qingxin received a call from Yan Qingqing, she arrived at the agreed cafe very early.

Yan Qingqing glanced at Lu Qingxin.

Seeing that she was still as glamorous as ever, she asked, “Lu Qingxin, didnt I hear that your father was bankrupt”

“The skinny camel is bigger than a horse, and he was once a tycoon in Shenhai City anyway.”

Lu Qingxin has a smug expression on her face.

The less things people had, the more they liked to show off.

“Oh, yes, Qingqing, this is a new bag.

When I bought it, I also bought one for you.

Do you like it”

Yan Qingqing took the paper bag that Lu Qingxin handed over.

She opened it and threw it back to Lu Qingxin.

“I already have this bag.

You can carry it on your own.”

When Lu Qingxin heard Yan Qingqings words, a trace of embarrassment flashed across her face.

This bag had been out for some time now.

If the Lu Corporation had not gone bankrupt, she would have had this bag long ago.

It was a pity that the Lu Corporation went bankrupt, so she had also turned from an heiress to a woman who needed to work hard.

“Qingqing, why do you have time to meet me today I have invited you several times before, but you had no time.”

Yan Qingqing glanced at Lu Qingxin aloofly, then chukled lowly.

“Lu Qingxin, who is Ye Tianxin to you”

“She, she is the daughter of my dads first love.”

Lu Qingxin now felt a reflexive sense of disgust when she heard the words “Ye Tianxin”.

If it wasnt for that woman Ye Tianxin bringing her family bad luck, how could her family have fallen apart

“Lu Qingxin, dont you want to know why I came to you”

Lu Qingxin asked in surprise, “Is there any news from the symphony orchestra”

“Its about Ye Tianxins identity.” Yan Qingqing deliberately tried to pique Lu Qingxins interest.

She stretched out her slender fingers, picked up the water glass in front of her, put it close to her lips, and put it back to its original position.

“Lu Qingxin, do you know Ye Tianxins biological father”

Lu Qingxins eyes were filled with disappointment that could not be concealed.

Yan Qingqing sneered.

Some time ago, Yan Lili called her stupid for being unknowingly used as a pawn.

Now, she knew that she was really stupid beyond hope.

“Who is it” Lu Qingxin asked uneasily.

Yan Qingqing took a deep breath and slowly said a name, “Ye Tianxins father is Xie Xuning.

Do you know who Xie Xuning is”

Xie Xuning

Xie Xuning

Xie Xuning was actually Ye Tianxins biological father.

How can that be

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