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Chapter 569: Chapter 569: Lu Qingxin Is Pregnant!【2】

Yan Qingqing was very satisfied with Lu Qingxins expression at this time.

It was really gratifying.

At the same time, she also felt very fortunate that she didnt really do anything to hurt Ye Tianxin.

Behind Ye Tianxin, there were already the Li family and the Jing family, but now, there was also the Xie family.

Then, she might have brought the Yan family to the disaster of extinction.

“Thats impossible.

Isnt she a girl in a small town How could she be…”

Lu Qingxin shook her head.

No, no, it was impossible.

How could that be

Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin, one of them was at the top and the other was at the bottom.

How could they have an intersection

Yan Qingqing said slowly, “Almost twenty years ago, a boy of the Xie family fell in love with an ordinary doctor.

This incident caused a great sensation in the social circle of the imperial capital, although free love had already been practiced at that time.

Yes, but in reality People still cared about status and background.

The Xie family was dead set against the girl.

In the end, there was no other way.

He got the marriage certificate with the girl first.

Unfortunately, afterwards, everyone thought that after learning the news of the boys sacrifice, she committed suicide… It wasnt until recently that the father and daughter recognized each other.

Lu Qingxin, do you now know who Ye Tianxin is”

Ye Tianxins true identity brought a fatal blow to Lu Qingxin.

In the dead of night, she had countless fantasies about what she could do to bring Ye Tianxin to ruins.

What could she do to make Ye Tianxin extreme torture

But now… she understood that she couldnt do anything.

Ye Tianxin was now someone out of her league.

“Qingqing, they really didnt make a mistake”

“Do you think that is possible How can the Xie family not want a paternity test Lu Qingxin, you should know your place in the future.

Our Yan family wont dare to compete with the Xie family, the Li family, and the Jing family.

I will also go abroad soon… …”

Yan Qingqing finished speaking and stood up.

She was going abroad because she once spread rumors about Ye Tianxin at the birthday party of the Xie familys Elder.

What if the Xie family wanted to settle accounts with her

“Qingqing, about the symphony orchestra, you…”

Yan Qingqing turned her head and looked at Lu Qingxin.

“Lu Qingxin, do you really think your violin skills are very good Tell you the truth, depending on your level, you wont be able to enter the Symphony Orchestra.”

Another blow hit Lu Qingxins heart just like that.

She watched Yan Qingqing leave her world.

She worked so hard for so long, but in the end

Everything was in vain.

And now, she could only cling to everything she owned tightly.

Soon after Yan Qingqing left, Gu Yancheng walked into the cafe in a humble manner.

Seeing that Lu Qingxins expression wasnt right, he said, “Qingxin, it doesnt matter.

We still have a chance in the future.”

Lu Qingxin bit her lip and looked at Gu Yancheng.

“Yan Qingqing said that according to my violin skills, I cannot enter the Imperial Capitals Symphony Orchestra.

Brother Yancheng, is that true”


Qingxin, you have to believe in yourself.” Gu Yancheng comforted her.

Lu Qingxin smelled tiramisu, and she inexplicably wanted to eat it, so she beckoned the waiter to deliver a tiramisu.

As soon as she took a bite, she felt sick to her stomach.

She covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom.

What did this mean

Why was her stomach so uncomfortable

In Lu Qingxins mind, there was a flash of…panic.

Was she… was she pregnant

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