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Chapter 590: I Am X.

Do You Hate Ye Tianxin?【2】

Just thinking about that moment when Ye Tianxin would be in despair, Lu Qingxin couldnt help laughing wildly.

She really wanted to see what Ye Tianxin would be like if she was reduced to nothing.

Gu Yancheng hurried back with the water hed bought for her.

There was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

“Qingxin, I didnt know which water you wanted to drink, so I bought some of each.”

Gu Yancheng put all the water hed bought in front of Lu Qingxin.

Lu Qingxin looked at the dozen or so bottles of water, each with different flavors, that he had stacked on the bed, and a little smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

“Brother Yancheng, dont buy such expensive water in the future.

We have to raise a baby, so we have to save our money.”

Lu Qingxins words made Gu Yancheng very happy.

Although he felt that Lu Qingxins decision about the baby had to be respected, deep in his heart he still hoped that she would choose to keep the baby.

This was going to be his first baby.

“Qingxin, I will make a lot of money to help take care of you and the baby.”

“I believe in you, Brother Yancheng.”

Lu Qingxin snuggled with Gu Yancheng.

Her small face was full of tenderness.

In Gu Yanchengs heart, as a man, a sense of responsibility spontaneously erupted.

He would definitely work harder to protect this mother and child in the future.

“Tianxin, wake up!”

At five oclock in the morning, Li Qingcang had come to Lang Garden.

He stretched out his hand and gently patted Ye Tianxins quilt.

Ye Tianxin opened her eyes, and, when she saw Li Qingcang, she stretched out her hand, acting silly.

“Brother Li, Im so sleepy.

I want to sleep a little longer.”

“Tianxin, you have a promotional event today.

Have you forgotten”

Ye Tianxin muttered, “No, I havent forgotten.

I just want to sleep!”

Last night, Ye Tianxin hadnt been able to sleep.

She had been worried about what was going to happen to Xie Xuning, plus she was waiting for him to come home.

Xie Xuning didnt get back until almost one oclock in the morning.

So now, strictly speaking, Ye Tianxin had only slept for about four hours.

“Silly girl.”

Li Qingcangs eyes were full of deep affection.

He carried Ye Tianxin into the bathroom and handed her her toothbrush covered with toothpaste.

“Ah, open your mouth.”

Ye Tianxin was embarrassed that he was treating her like a baby so she took the electric toothbrush, closed her eyes, and slowly brushed her teeth.

Li Qingcang reached out and combed Ye Tianxins hair.

Ye Tianxins hair was as black as ink and as smooth as silk.

It felt wonderful to the touch.

“Tianxin, I will be your bodyguard today.”

When Ye Tianxin heard Li Qingcangs words, she was completely surprised.


“Of course.”

Li Qingcang whispered, “I want to be with you more.”

Ye Tianxin couldnt help but hug Li Qingcang.

“Brother Li, why are you so nice So nice that I feel like Im dreaming now.”

Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and squeezed Ye Tianxins little face.

“Are you dreaming now”

“That hurts.”

Ye Tianxin touched her face and acted as if he had really hurt her.

As Li Qingcang watched Ye Tianxin, he lamented that he was going to have to be away from her for two years.

He was really afraid of what he would do.

“Tianxin, you have to grow up slowly and enjoy your youth.”

Ye Tianxin frowned.

She took the towel that Li Qingcang was handing to her and replied without thinking for one second, “No, I want to grow up quickly, and, after I grow up, I want to become your bride.”

Only after I grow up can I marry you.

After I marry you, our little Jin will come back to me again.

Brother Li, you will love Xiao Jin.

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