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Chapter 610: Tianxin, You Have To Prepare For The Worst【1】

He comforted Ye Tianxin by saying, “Its alright, nothing will happen to her, mom will be fine!”

Ye Tianxin was extremely overwhelmed almost instantly.

Her mind was preoccupied with the scene of her grandmas funeral.

She always remembered that when Lu Jijun took her out of Jiameng Town, her grandmother stood by the road and waved.

She remembered that every time she called, her grandmother always told her to take care of her body.

If she felt aggrieved, she could come home.

She remembered how she thought Lu Qingxin was joking when she first heard about grandmas death.

She remembered that after she and Lu Jijun flew back to Jiameng Town, she saw her grandma lying in the coffin.

“Dad, Im scared.”

Ye Tianxin was so afraid that her whole body was trembling.

Perhaps other people couldnt even tell why Ye Tianxin was so afraid.

Xie Xuning understood why his daughter was so scared, but it was hard to explain how.

She was afraid that no matter how hard she tried, she wouldnt be able to change her fate.

“Little Uncle.”

Xie Xingqing walked to Xie Xuning and she whispered, “There are so many guests here tonight, so Tianxin…”

Xie Xunings cold eyes swept towards Xie Xingqing, Xie Ailin, and her mother.

These people really put plenty of effort into this scheme.

After laying low for so long, it turned out they had this trick up their sleeve.

“Qie Yiyan, keep an eye on them.”

Xie Xuning couldnt let Tianxin look for her grandma alone.

He couldnt let Li Qingcang know about Tianxins past and present life.

He was afraid that these people wouldnt understand his daughter.

“Lets go, I will accompany you to find her.”

At that moment, Jing Zhichen ran over to Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin and said, “I looked at the surveillance footage and saw your grandma going out of the west gate.”

As soon as Ye Tianxin heard the mention of the west gate, Ye Tianxin rushed towards the west gate.

The west gate was next to the kitchen, so very few people usually went through it.

The west gate was open today, mainly because there were staff members from the banquet organizer coming in and out of it.

It was pitch black outside the west gate.

“Uncle He, why arent the street lights turned on…”

Ye Tianxin walked out of the west gate.

She smelled the faint smell of blood in the air.

Her heart suddenly stopped.



A beam of light shone out from the open door, through which Ye Tianxin saw her grandmother lying in a pool of blood.

Her grandma wore new clothes and dyed her hair black specifically for today.

Now, she was lying on the asphalt road, almost at the brink of death.

Ye Tianxin rushed towards her grandma and hugged her tightly.







Ye Tianxins hand clasped the back of her grandmas head.

She looked at Xie Xuning with teary eyes as she said, “Dad, grandma…”

Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang knelt in front of her grandma in unison.

Her grandmas heart was still beating, and her breathing was normal.


Qie Wenyang ran over and was shocked to find her grandma like this.

“Brother, make way.

Ill check grandma.”

Trying to hold Ye Tianxin, Li Qingcang and Xie Xuning stretched out their hands, but Ye Tianxin couldnt see anything else.

Her hands held her grandma tightly.

Tears flowed out of her clear eyes like a neverending spring.

“Tianxin, listen to me.

Grandma will be fine.

We will send grandma to the hospital now.”

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