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Chapter 611: Tianxin, You Have To Prepare For The Worst 【2】

Both Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang looked at the people behind them.

Xie Xuning immediately said to Li Qingcang, “Xiao Cang, you stay here first and help your sister deal with the guests.”

Xie Qian pushed everyone away at this time and came to Xie Xuning.

“These guests are all your guests.

You stay and let Xiao Cang go with Tianxin.”

Xie Xuning looked at Xie Qian indifferently.

After giving Li Qingcang a silent glance, he carried Ye Tianxins grandmother into the car parked aside.

Upon seeing how miserable Ye Tianxin looked, he desperately wanted to hold her in his arms.

Still, he knew that he couldnt do this.

He had to stay to deal with the aftermath.

Where did the mysterious mother and daughter who appeared come from

Who brought them into Lang Garden

Is all of this related to X

These were all things Li Qingcang had to stay and find out about.

He turned around and looked to the side at Qie Yiyan.

The two nodded at each other silently.

There is another tough battle to be fought next!

In the car, Ye Tianxin held her grandmothers hand.

Meanwhile, Qie Wenyang had been observing her grandmothers situation while calling the hospitals operating room to prepare for emergency surgery.

Jing Zhichen drove the car attentively with constantly trembling hands.

Nobody expected anything like this to happen.

Ye Tianxins face didnt have a trace of color.

Her lip was extremely pale, as pale as frost.

Her exquisitely tailored evening gown was stained with her grandmas blood, emanating from it a deathly aura.

Xie Xuning pursed his lips tightly.

He held Ye Tianxins hand and said in a low voice, “Tianxin, nothing will happen.

Trust Dad.”

Ye Tianxin shook her head silently.

Was she… truly powerless against fate

Is fate truly so omnipotent

Was she going to experience the same thing as before

Even during what were supposed to be the most blissful years of her life, was she doomed to die no matter how hard she resisted fate…

Was Xiao Jin going to die no matter what Ye Tianxin did to prevent it from happening…

What did she do wrong

If her rebirth was a mistake, then why didnt God take it out all on her

Ye Tianxin held her grandma.

She seemed to feel her grandmas pulse getting weaker and weaker, like the flame on a candle almost burning out.

Unable to bear Ye Tianxins suffering any longer, he said to her, “Tianxin, you have to prepare for the worst.”

Her grandma was already old.

She had also undergone cancer surgery before, so her body was already weaker than normal.

After her grandma was hit, the driver ignored her grandma and left her to bleed out…

“Brother Yangzi, please! Please help grandma.”

Qie Wenyang took a deep breath and coldly said, “Tianxin, your grandma isnt in the best possible situation, but I promise Ill do my best to save her…”

Xie Xuning looked at the old woman in his arms.

He looked at Ye Tianxin and said warmly, “Tianxin, grandma has the heavens on her side, so she will be fine.

Dont worry.”

When Ye Tianxin heard what Xie Xuning, she raised her head and looked at Xie Xuning with hollow eyes.

“Dad, will grandma die today”

Ye Tianxin was now like a fragile porcelain doll.

She was vulnerable and sensitive; if someone wasnt careful with her, she would break into pieces.


Tianxin, believe in Dad.

Dad will definitely not let anything happen to mom.”

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