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Chapter 654: She Is A Box Office Legend【2】

A good idol will motivate people to improve themselves instead of making people so crazy for her that they forsake their own plans and lives.


Ye Tianxin knew better than anyone how important idols are during peoples adolescence and rebellious years.

If an idol can guide people on the correct paths, their lives will be different.

“Tianxin, youre so awesome.”

Ye Tianxin talked with Jing Zhichen for a while, then hung up the phone.

Xie Xuning turned her head and glanced at Ye Tianxin while waiting for the red light.

“My daughter is so smart.”

Ye Tianxin couldnt smile a little bitterly, “Dad, Zhu Xiaoyun is right in saying that not all people will be as lucky as me.

I cherish this hard-earned success, and I also hope that I can share such success with more people.

What my brother said is right, idols are very important.

If I can lead by example to influence some people and make them improve themselves, I will also be very happy.”

“Youre right.”

Jing Zhichen really did what he said.

He formulated a series of idol shaping plans.

This included the establishment of the “Ye Tianxin Scholarship”, the construction ofTianxin Primary School”, and the donation ofTianxin Library.

At the same time, Jing Entertainment Group has also received many invitations for film, TV series, and advertising endorsements.

Besides the advertising endorsements that Ye Tianxin might take on, Jing Zhichen rejected all the others.

Ye Tianxin isnt short of money, and she doesnt like acting.

When she started filming “Red Cherry”, she was short of money to treat her grandmothers illness.

Now, with Xie Xuning as her father, Li Qingcang as her boyfriend, Jing Zhichen as her cousin, and the tough and protective Wu Tong as her mother-in-law, how could Ye Tianxin lack money

“Dad, if you are busy, you should get busy first.

Its the same even if I ride in sister Chenxis car.”

Ye Tianxin received Lu Qingxins information last night.

Local detectives will send all of Lu Qingxins movements to Ye Tianxin at all times via the internet.

“Where are you going Ill see you off.”

After the previous events, Xie Xuning couldnt entrust Ye Tianxin to someone else with peace of mind.

“Im going to the detention center.”

Xie Xuning guessed what Ye Tianxin wanted to do, and he said disapprovingly, “Tianxin, do you want to visit Gu Yancheng”


The detective sent a photo of Lu Qingxin abroad.

I want to show it to Gu Yancheng.

I have to show him, what exactly did he get by going to jail in Lu Qingxins place”

Xie Xuning was a little crestfallen.

He knew that she was still holding a grudge.

He hesitated and said, “Tianxin, are you sure Are you really going to do this”


Dad, I wont be cowardly anymore.

I wont be merciful to my enemies anymore.”

Xie Xuning finally sent Ye Tianxin to the door of the detention center.

Ye Tianxin walked into the interview room alone, and she saw Gu Yancheng, who had a buzz cut.

Probably because his life in prison wasnt very smooth, Gu Yanchengs eyes looked gloomy, and his skin was also very tanned.

“Gu Yancheng, this is the first gift.

I feel that if I give it to you personally, it might show my sincerity more.”

Ye Tianxin put the photos on the table in front of Gu Yancheng one by one.

“Your beloved Lu Qingxin has gone abroad as you wished.

This is a photo of her living abroad”

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