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Chapter 66: The Scheming Woman and the Spare Man (2)


“Brother Yancheng!”

Li Qingcang did not really want to see any unrelated people around.

He grabbed Gu Yanchengs collar, then threw him out of the hospital ward as though he was weightless.

The moment Lu Qingxin saw Gu Yancheng being thrown out, she hurriedly ran after him.

“Brother Yancheng, are you hurt”

When the two of them were out of the hospital room, Li Qingcang slammed the door shut.

Then he heaved a sigh of relief and returned to Ye Tianxins side.

“Grandmother, this is Li Qingcang.

He is the older brother that I saved through blood transfusion at the town clinic the other day.”

As soon as Grandmother saw how tall and imposing Li Qingcang was, and with such excellent disposition, she immediately thought of him as her future grandson-in-law.

Grandmother pondered in silence for a while.

Li Qingcang was nine years older than Tianxin.

That was not a problem.

After all, age was just a number.

Besides, nine years was not a big deal as long as he treated Tianxin well.

“And how many are in your family Who are your parents”

Ye Tianxin hurriedly called out to her, “Grandmother, are you feeling better today”

“Im feeling much better.

You must be so worried last night!”

For a moment, Grandmother could not think straight; hence, the prying.

She was lost imagining Ye Tianxins future with Li Qingcang.

Now that Lu Qingxin came right at her doorstep, Grandmother realized that, somehow, she had been too lax and had taken some things for granted.

While Lu Jijun could certainly take care of Ye Tianxin, what about his wife and daughter Would they treat Ye Tianxin well, as one of their own

Her Tianxin was such a gentle, innocent, and lovely girl.

She wouldnt want anything to happen to Tianxin, even the slightest bit of harm.

“Tianxin, shouldnt your examination results be out” she asked eagerly.

“Grandmother, its still early.

Dont worry about it,” Ye Tianxin assured her.

“And, from now on, you are not allowed to leave without letting me know.

Cant you see how worried I am”

Grandmother nodded and looked at Li Qingcang, smiling.

This young man was tall and energetic and gave off the impression that he had an easygoing personality, though he lookedformal.

Then again, even with a stoic expression, his demeanor a little reserved, she still fancied him.

At this point, Grandmother was like a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.

The longer she looked, the more she liked him for Ye Tianxin.

Outside the hospital ward, Gu Yancheng held on to Lu Qingxin for support.

The slap he got from Ye Tianxin left a big red mark on his face.

He could still feel her palm on his cheek.

“Brother Yancheng, I know you are in pain, and Im really sorry.

Its all my fault.”

Lu Qingxin looked at Gu Yancheng with teary eyes.

But how could Gu Yancheng bear to see Lu Qinxing cry He didnt want to see her in that state, so he immediately consoled her, “No, dont blame yourself.

Your only fault, if you could call it that, was youre too kind.

Youre doing everything you can to help Uncle.

But cant you see Some people dont deserve your kindness.”

Lu Qingxin held Gu Yanchengs hand, her pretty face was full of sadness.

She murmured under her breath, “Then, tell me, what should I do On the one hand, there is my father.

And on the other, my mother.

Im also in a dilemma, Brother Yancheng.

Im also feeling so…so…so upset, so heartbroken, so desperate… Brother Yancheng, what should I do I dont want my family to fall apart.

I want me, Father, and Mother to always be together…”

Gu Yancheng used his good hand to pull Lu Qingxin into his arms for a hug.

And then he whispered to her ear, “Silly girl, you really make my heart ache…”

“Brother Yancheng, Father doesnt know that I have been here yet.

If he finds out what happened, he will blame me for messing things up.

What should I do”


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