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Chapter 679: He Is Tianxins Fiance

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She didnt know what Ye Tianxin said to Du Juan, but Du Juans face showed a faint smile.

Chunxue walked in front of Du Juan and sat down in a slightly humble manner.

Du Juan was still smiling, but when she saw Chunxue, she said, “I thought this person looked like Chunxue at first, but I didnt dare to recognize her.

Chunxue, didnt you film a movie abroad When did you come back ”

Chunxue felt choked.

Originally, she came to star in “Red Cherry” to give Du Juan face, but she never expected such an opportunity would appear at the last moment.

The real question was whether or not this was her fault.

She cant afford to give up on the chance to climb up, right

People rose to higher places and water flows to lower places.

That made sense… didnt it

Besides, she didnt get a single penny making a cameo in the film.

What else do they want

Did you want to get free labor out of her

Chunxue said rather abrasively, “Mrs.

Dus movie performed so well, so naturally I want to come back to celebrate.”

Although she only appeared in a few cameos, the box office success of “Red Cherry” counted as one of her achievements too, right

Why cant she come back to such a celebration party

“Then I must thank you for coming back all this way.”

Du Juan seemed indifferent.

If Chunxue never agreed to record the ending song at the beginning, she never wouldve said anything else.

Du Juan hated people like Chunxue who go back on their promises the most.

She made promises only to go back on her words for no apparent reason.

Has she ever considered other peoples feelings

Why did it matter if shes a big star That didnt excuse her for not even practicing the most basic moral principles as a person.


Du, I have heard the ending song sung by Tianxin.

Its really good.

Who is the gentleman who sang with her”

Chunxue was curious.

Many men were talented singers, but she only liked a few of their voices.

Du Juan pulled Ye Tianxins hand and said very affectionately, “He is Tianxins fiance.”

Chunxue looked at Ye Tianxin in shock and said, “Wait, isnt Tianxin still pretty young Is it a good idea for her to be dating anyone right now”

Ye Tianxin smiled sweetly and said, “A good-quality man will become someone elses if I dont make a move quickly enough.

Dont you agree, Chunxue”

Chunxue gritted teeth.

She was thinking that if she could contact this gentleman, she would invite him to sing a song with her.

If that happened, she would surely rise and outshine Ye Tianxin.

“Young people nowadays are quite impressive.

Youre dating way too early.

Compared to you, Im an old woman!”

Knowing deep down that there must be a camera aimed at the three of them right now, Chunxue covered her mouth as she laughed.

She couldnt afford to show impatience or anger; doing so wouldve ruined her reputation.

“Chunxue seems to be 28 years old this year right Youre still very young.

I hate how slow time passes by.

If I am now 20 years old, I could go with my fiance to get a marriage certificate so that women would stop throwing themselves at him.

Ah, my fiance is so outstanding that it stresses me out…”

Deep down, Du Juan felt happy.

How can Chunxue possibly take advantage of Ye Tianxin

There was also the fact that Tianxin was studying international politics; her righteous nature was enough for her to handle Chunxue.

“Since Tianxin said that, now Im curious.

Who is the young man that has captured your heart”

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