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Chapter 682: I Was a Fool to Ever Think of You as My Idol

The orange juice was poured on Chunxues face, hair, and dress.

She had her makeup carefully applied for a long time, but the orange juice now left it smudged.

Her eyelashes stuck together, and her face was like a colorful palette.

Her hair, which had been carefully styled hair, was also a mess.

More importantly, she was completely caught off guard.

When the orange juice was poured over, she instinctively backed away and fell on the carpet.

“Li Xiaohui…”

As soon as the manager saw Li Xiaohui doing this, he angrily grabbed her as he thought,Why does this brat have to have such a bad temper

If the person who complained about her wasnt Chun Xue, Li Xiaohui might not have been so angry.

Because the person who complained about her was Chunxue, who had always been her idol, she was even angrier.

Chunxue caused her to lose her job by saying just one thing, but she didnt know that winter was coming soon in the Imperial Capital.

How can she survive in the Imperial Capital without a job

“Come with me!”

The manager bowed and apologized profusely.

Chunxues agent helped her off the ground.

Chunxues ankles were red and swollen, and she couldnt even stand.

Chunxues agent supported Chunxue and said, “Call the police and sue her for intentional injury.”

Chunxue has never felt so shameful in her life.

If she cant deal with this little waiter, how would she survive in the entertainment industry

Was she truly this much of a pushover

Chunxue said pretentiously, “Forget it, dont call the police.”


The manager had been pulling Li Xiaohui away, but Li Xiaohui didnt care.

“Chunxue, I was a fool to ever think of you as my idol.”

Chunxues eyes darkened, and her whole body was shaking with anger, but how could she confront her like this

So many eyes were on her.

She couldnt afford to ruin her reputation!

The agent asked Li Xiaohui, “How did you get in”

Li Xiaohui grew up in the countryside.

When women in the countryside fought with each other, they were tough.

As someone who witnessed such fighting scenes very often, Li Xiaohui wasnt to be trifled with.

“How did I get in Ask Chunxue.

I was just minding my business as a waiter.

When I ran into her in the bathroom, I said,Chunxue, you are my idol.

I have watched your TV series ever since I was young. However, she complained to my manager and got me fired!”

Li Xiaohui and Chunxue were making a big fuss, so Ye Tianxin naturally noticed.

She glanced in Chunxues direction.

When she saw Li Xiaohui, she closed the book in her hand, lifted the hem of her skirt, and gracefully walked to Li Xiaohuis side.

“What happened”

The sight of Ye Tianxin made Li Xiaohui cry even more.

“Its nothing.”

Ye Tianxin reached out and held Li Xiaohuis hand when she saw this.

“If you lose your job, so be it.

You can just look for another job afterward.”

“I just cant take this lying down.

What right does someone like her have to be an idol”

Li Xiaohui was so angry that more tears flowed.

She bowed in front of everyone and said softly, “Sorry for making a fool of myself in front of you all.”

After Li Xiaohui finished speaking, she left.

How could Ye Tianxin let Li Xiaohui go She held Li Xiaohuis hand tightly and said, “Follow me!”

Chunxue lifted her head from her agents arms, then said, “Ye Tianxin, you told her to do this, didnt you”

She was wondering why this waiter had the guts to pour orange juice on her!

“Chunxue, I think youre just paranoid.”

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