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Chapter 686: The “Hands Of God” Is A Woman

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After going out for peacekeeping, seeing the devastation that war has brought to the country, and seeing those innocent children forcibly displaced, Yan Ge felt an indescribable sense of anger in his heart.


Yan Ge sat aside, took the kettle, and drank water.

“By the way, boss, there is still no news from the “Hands of God”.

Does such a person even exist at all”

They have been out for a long time, and they have been asking about the legendary “Hands of God”.

However, there was still no news of her.


This person definitely exists.”

Li Qingcang firmly believed in this.

“Still… there is no news at all.”

So far, all they knew was that the “Hands of God” is a woman.

Nobody knew how old she was or what she looked like…

It was like she didnt exist at all.

“There will be news.”

While Yan Ge discussed the “Hands of God” with Li Qingcang, a shell attack occurred 50 meters away from their main camp…

The fragments of the shell instantly penetrated the tent…

“Tianxin, what do you mean Youre studying two majors at the same time”

Li Xiaohui was shocked.

She was struggling to learn one major in a teachers college.

Wouldnt studying two majors at the same time be… even more tiring


Li Xiaohui looked at Ye Tianxin in disbelief and said, “Then you wont be a doctor in the future”

“I studied medicine for my grandmother.”

“Tianxin, from today, my idol wont be Chunxue, but you.”

Ye Tianxin was drinking sweet soup.

When she heard Li Xiaohui say this, she almost sprayed her face with sweet soup.

“Xiaohui, I think Chunxue put you on edge…”

Li Xiaohui shook her head and said, “No, Tianxin, I have been thinking all this time.

If I were more serious when you asked me to study hard, would my life be different I have been living in a basement since I separated from you.

During the day, I either worked as a waiter in a banquet company or as an extra on set.

The more I worked in either position, the more I realized how insignificant and incompetent I am.

Many years ago, there was a saying that knowledge changes destiny.

I believe it now!”

Ye Tianxin turned sideways and took a debit card from the drawer on the side of the cabinet.

“Xiaohui, you had a falling out with your family, so your parents definitely wont support you if you want to continue your education.

Take this card; theres 100,000 yuan on this card.”

Li Xiaohui shook her head and refused, “No, Tianxin.

I appreciate your kindness, but I cant accept it!”

Ye Tianxin asked, “Are you afraid of owing me”

Li Xiaohui looked at the room full of books and took a deep breath.

It was as if the air was full of the aroma of ink.

She had no right to tell Ye Tianxin about how hard she should be working.

“No, Tianxin, I cant rely on you or anyone else.

I can only rely on myself.

Tianxin, I know you are kind to me, so thank you.

Im lucky to have a friend like you.”

As Li Xiaohui spoke, tears flowed down her eyes.

“Tianxin, you are so kind to me.

I used to be jealous of you.

I even thought,Why is your life so perfect while Im nothing more than an ant Now that I see how hard youre working, I understand that you have earned everything you have.

Tianxin, you are my idol.”

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