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Chapter 688: I Will Never Agree To Let You Go To Country Y

“Dad, just arrange for me to go, okay”

Ye Tianxin was talking to Xie Xuning while tidying up and putting on her clothes.

“Dad, I promise that I will obey the leaders instructions when I get there.

I wont run around.”

Just Li Qingcang alone being in Country Y was enough to make Xie Xuning nervous.

He felt as if he would have a heart attack if Ye Tianxin went there as well.

“No, Tianxin.

Ill never agree to let you go to Country Y.

Im not going to change my mind about that.”

Seeing that she couldnt convince him, she decided to drive to Xie Xuning herself.

Ye Tianxin couldnt enter Xie Xunings office.

She only called Xie Xuning when she drove to the entrance of the unit.

“Dad, Im at the door of the unit.”

Since Xie Xuning was in a meeting, he wasnt able to do so himself.

He had to ask the guards to pick Ye Tianxin in.

Ye Tianxin was taken to Xie Xunings office by the guards.

Xie Xunings office was simple and casual, as expected of a soldier.

Ye Tianxin walked to the office and looked at the picture frame on the desk.

She knew that Xie Xuning was worried about something bad happening to her.

How can she stand it…

When she saw that piece of news, she wished she had a pair of wings that could let her fly to Li Qingcangs side immediately.


Xie Xuning returned to the office immediately after the meeting.

“Dad, can you arrange for me to go”

Xie Xuning shook his head.

He handed the list to Ye Tianxin and said, “The list has been drawn up.

I will leave in two hours.”

Ye Tianxin took the list and looked at the names on the list attentively.

As expected, it didnt have her name at all.

Ye Tianxin put her arm around Xie Xunings arm and tried to coax him.

“Dad, I know you have a way to arrange for me to go!”

“Tianxin, are you asking me to use my official powers for personal favors”

Xie Xuning sighed helplessly.

Ye Tianxin said with a bitter expression on her face, “Dad, how could you be using official powers for personal favors I am a student of the International School of Political Science.

Im even taking part in an internship.”

“Tianxin, do you know how dangerous Country Y is” There was a grave tone to Xie Xunings voice.

Xie Xuning took a deep breath.

He pursed his lips and whispered, “Tianxin, I dont want you to go to such a dangerous place.

I couldnt fulfill my responsibility as your father in the past, so I hope that you can stay by my side.

Let me dote on you and love you.”

“Dad, Ive grown up.”

Ye Tianxin understood what Xie Xuning meant.

As a parent, how could he want his child to go to such a dangerous place

She has grown up.

If she was an eagle, then the sky was her home.

If she was a fish, she belonged in the sea.

She is Ye Tianxin.

Wherever Li Qingcang was, that was her home.

“Yeah, youve grown up.

I never got to watch you be born or grow up.

I havent had time to learn how to be a father yet, but you already dont need me anymore!”

There was a deep sense of disappointment within Xie Xunings voice as he spoke.

Ye Tianxin said playfully, “Dad, who said I didnt need you Im asking you to help me go to Country Y, arent I”

“Okay, Ill make arrangements.

Tianxin, your safety will still always be the most important thing to worry about.

Do you understand”

“Dad, I know.”

Before Xie Xuning returned to the office, someone had already set out to prepare for letting Ye Tianxin go to Country Y on the private jet.

Xie Xuning was her father.

In this world, fathers always gave in to their daughters demands; it was never the other way around.


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