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Chapter 693: Im A Part of Your Life!

The plane flew over Country Y.

Country Y appeared to be completely devastated; the entire place was in ruins.

It was hard to imagine that such a prosperous nation would become so desolate because of a sudden war.

Before the plane was ready to land, Xie Xinghe explained some important matters to everyone on the plane for the last time.

Ye Tianxin also listened very carefully.

Being on the battlefield meant that they would be in danger at any given moment; they couldve been killed by a sudden airborne bomb.

Safety was Xie Xinghes top priority.

The plane landed slowly at the airport.

As soon as the cabin door opened, Xie Xinghe led the way out of the plane.

Ye Tianxi followed Xie Xinghe outside.

She felt her eyes scorched by the bright sunlight as she walked out the cabin door.

Li Qingcang was standing nearby, tall and composed like a soldier, not far away.

His face appeared a bit tan.

He was wearing a camouflage suit, which gave him a particularly commanding and powerful presence.


Xie Xinghe grabbed Ye Tianxin from behind him and put her between him and Li Qingcang.

“Heres a surprise for you.”

Ye Tianxin looked up and flashed a bright and innocent smile, revealing her crystal white teeth.

“Brother Li, are you surprised”

When Li Qingcang saw Ye Tianxins face, his heart suddenly stopped.

Was it a surprise

It seemed more like a shock!

How could his brother-in-law let Ye Tianxin do anything that she wanted

Was he even aware of how dangerous Country Y was

The few self-defense moves that he taught Tianxin would at most help to protect her from average soldiers, but the people here were all criminal refugees capable of murder.

She couldnt even defend herself.

“Ill deal with you later.”

When she heard Li Qingcangs deep and seductive voice next to her ear, all she could feel was an intoxicating and hot sensation.

Her face turned slightly red as an unspeakable rush of joy blossomed in her heart.

Upon seeing that Li Qingcang was unharmed, Ye Tianxin felt a kind of happiness that she couldnt explain.

She followed Li Qingcang obediently and watched him arrange for a car to take them back to the camp.

“Get in the car.”

Li Qingcang told her to get in, but he decided to shove Ye Tianxin into the car without saying a word instead.

After getting inside the car, Li Qingcangs expression turned serious as he started to scold her.

“Tianxin, didnt you say that you were eating properly Look at how thin youve become! Are you aware of how dangerous it is here How can you come without any prior notice”

Li Qingcang still had a lot left to say before Ye Tianxin leaned forward and kissed his thin lips.

This sudden kiss said more than words ever could.

As their soft lips touched each other, Li Qingcang felt countless fireworks going off in his head.

He mustered up all the strength he could and reached out to put Ye Tianxin back in her original position.

“Sit down.”

Li Qingcangs voice sounded husky with a soft, gentle undertone that was hard to notice.

“Brother Li…” Ye Tianxin blinked her watery eyes at him and asked in an apologetic tone, “Are you still mad at me”

“Well, Im not angry anymore.”

Li Qingcang patted the top of her head.

“You know how to spot my weakness!”

“Thats because Im a part of your life!”

Li Qingcang reached out and hugged Ye Tianxin tightly in his arms.

When he was at the airport a moment ago, he wanted to do the same as he held Xiao Jiaojiao in his arms.

With cameras and news reporters surrounding them now, however, all he could do was restrain the impulse to do so rushing through his body.


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