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Chapter 698: Tianxin, prepare for the surgery

“Brother Li, can you please try to drive faster”

Li Qingcang replied, “Looks like the closest medical stop is the International Medical Camp.”

The two children in the back row held the pregnant womans hand and cried out loud, “Mom…”

Ye Tianxin kept comforting the pregnant woman and the children, but they couldnt understand her at all.

Fortunately, the international medical camp was right in front of their eyes.

The big red cross is placed on the tent, where it easily got the attention of those who passed by.

“Were here!”

After they parked in front of the medical camp, Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin jumped off the vehicle together.

A blond male doctor walked out of the medical camp as he carried a stretcher.

Ye Tianxin briefly described the pregnant womans condition.

The doctor made sure to thoroughly check the pregnant womans condition.

“Her water broke already!”

The pregnant womans skirt was drenched in amniotic fluid, which meant that the baby in the pregnant womans abdomen could die at moment from the lack of oxygen or suffer from other conditions.

“Then we need to hurry up and prepare for the surgery.”

The male doctor was shocked.

“I cant deliver a baby.”

“Why not”

The male doctor blurted out, “Because Im an anesthesiologist.”

“Then what should we do Are there no other doctors in the camp”

The male doctor said, “No, everyone has gone out for appointments.

Im the only one here.”

The situation of pregnant women was getting worse.

No one knew if waiting any longer was going to lead to more devastating consequences.

Ye Tianxin inhaled deeply.

She couldnt just stand there and watch a pregnant woman suffer.

“Can I borrow your operating room”

The male doctor was stunned.

“Are you also a doctor”


Ye Tianxin had never delivered a child before or touched the operation tools, but was a matter of life and death.

There was no room for her to hesitate or change her mind.

She was a medical student, after all; it was her responsibility to save the dead and heal the wounded.

“If youre not a doctor, then what do you need the operating room for”

The male doctor tried to stop Ye Tianxin.

It was inevitable for cases of maternal death to occur in areas where the medical infrastructure was underdeveloped.

Even so, Ye Tianxin couldnt just watch such things happen in front of her eyes.

“I can perform the surgery.”

Ye Tianxin took out her mobile phone for the first time and glanced at the connection bars in the phone.

Maybe it was because she was in the international medical camp, but the signal turned out to be quite strong.

She tried to call Qiao Wang.

Qiao Wang was attending an academic exchange meeting.

As he was on stage speaking, his phone kept buzzing in his chest pocket.

Xiaowang took out his phone and realized the caller ID was “Ye Tianxin” just before he declined the call.

He thought about if something happened to Tianxin…


“Uncle Qi, Im in Country Y now.

Theres a pregnant woman here and her water broke… but there are no doctors nearby.

What should I do now”

Qiangwang felt like his heart sank.

Wasnt Tianxin in the imperial capital

When did she go to country Y

“Tianxin, check the condition of the pregnant woman first.

Is there any way we can do a video call”

Ye Tianxin held the phone and asked the male doctor next to her, “Is there a webcam around here”

The male doctor noticed that Ye Tianxin appeared quite skilled while examining the pregnant woman.

He gained a little more trust in Ye Tianxin as a result.


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