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Chapter 703: Ill lend you a shoulder to cry on!

Li Qingcang walked back.

He stood outside the vehicle and waved at Ye Tianxin.


Wait for me.

Ill come home to marry you after two years, my little sweetheart.

As Ye Tianxin silently watched the door of the vehicle shut close, she felt a sudden pain in her heart.

“Lets go.”

Xie Xinghe told the driver to take off.

It was natural for couples in love to want to stay together.

He could understand the passionate feelings between Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang, but he had no choice but to separate them forcibly.

The vehicle started slowly.

The wheels left behind a cloud of yellow dust.

Yan Ge put his hand on Li Qingcangs shoulder and whispered, “Boss, if you want to cry, Ill lend you my shoulder!”

“Leave me alone!”

Li Qingcang snorted coldly.

Would he truly cry

No, he doesnt cry.

Every separation was for the next reunion.

“Boss, you still wont admit it even when your eyes are so red! I wont judge you for crying!”

“Dont forget about your business.”

Li Qingcang watched as the car drove far away and soon disappeared in front of his eyes.

He felt a mix of complicated emotions in his heart.

He put his hand on his chest to find his heart beating rapidly from within.

Ba-dum, ba-dum…

It was a powerful sound.

His heart began to flutter for her since the day they first met.

For whatever reason, Yan Ge felt a little envious of such a feeling.

He suddenly wanted to fall in love as well.

He also wanted to have someone willing to travel miles to see him despite the distance and the danger.

Yan Ge gazed at Li Qingcangs tall figure and thought that during this time, perhaps Li Qingcang needs to be alone to process the deep sadness and helplessness in his heart.

He went to the resting camp silently.

Xie Yi had already finished packing her things and was having a brief conversation with the doctor of the peacekeeping force after the operation.

“Doctor Xie, thank you for your wonderful procedure.”

Xie Yi smiled under the mask and replied, “This is my duty as a doctor.”

“Thank you, Doctor.

I will be sending you off to the International Medical Camp.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Xie Yi stared at the scenery outside the vehicle as they were on the road.

The sky was getting dark, and the villages in the distance soon began to light up.

It seemed that in only one night, this modern country was demolished into the ruins it now was today.

The concept of peace and life was extremely precious here.

“Doctor Xie, can you help me look for the Hand of God”

Xie Yi glanced at Yan Ge, who was still driving.

“Where have you heard about the Hand of God I have been here for over a year and never heard of it.

Does such a person truly exist”

“I heard about it from a doctor.

Of course, he also got the word from others.


Xie, I have a particularly important patient who desperately needs her help in the operation.”

Xie Yi asked, “What kind of patient The medical infrastructure in your capital shouldnt be that bad, right Couldnt the doctors there perform this operation”

“Its not possible.

A craniotomy was performed without any success.


Xie, the patient is an old lady who had suffered immensely when she was young.

Her only daughter went missing after she ran away from home over ten years ago.

Now her granddaughter is working so hard day and night to study medicine just for her…”


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