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Chapter 742: Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! (5)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xie Xuning tried to calm his thoughts and said to the girl, “Pass me the camera and Ill take the picture for you.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Xie Xuning took a picture of Ye Tianxin and her fan and then returned the camera to the girl.

“Ye Tianxin, dont worry about those comments on the Internet.

The movie you made is awesome!”

Ye Tianxin nodded with a smile.

“Dad, lets go.”

The father and daughter left the school together slowly.

The girl secretly took a picture of Ye Tianxin and her father and headed back to the office..

When she uploaded the photo from the camera onto the computer, the longer she looked at it, the more she felt that Ye Tianxin was genuinely very beautiful and friendly.

The girl logged into her Weibo account under her username, “A Blossoming Tree”.

“A Blossoming Tree”: When I was doing exercises between classes, I noticed a beautiful woman standing at the gate of the school.

I went to get a closer look and it turned out to be Ye Tianxin and her father! Ye Tianxin is super pretty in person.

Heres a photo for reference.

“A Blossoming Tree” was just the Weibo account of some random girl on the Internet.

Usually, her Weibo posts would have definitely not gotten any attention.

Today, however, the name “Ye Tianxin” had been searched a lot.

Naturally, some users came across this Weibo post.

Among them was a netizen under the username “Peach Is Here”.

After seeing this Weibo post, he deliberately tagged a few big accounts.

“Peach Is Here”: Check out a post and I promise to get you on your knees.

Some nosy netizens visited the Weibo account of “A Blossoming Tree”.

After seeing it, they were still at a loss.

They tagged “Peach Is Here” back and carefully asked, “What exactly did this mean”

“Peach Is Here” had to post another Weibo and said: Did nobody realize that Ye Tianxins father looks a lot like Xie Xuning, the youngest commander of the capital

Two photos were attached in the Weibo post, one was the photo of Xie Xuning that could be found on the Internet already.

The other was a candid photo taken by “A Blossoming Tree”.

When the two pictures were compared, everyone felt they were alike.

“Lang Susu Spring Cotton”: If Ye Tianxins father is Xie Xuning, does that mean Zhou Hong in Red Cherry was Xie Xuning

“Wei Wei who is cramming after the finals”: As far as I know, Mr.

Xie has not been married these few years.


Xies wife was Ye Linlang.

“I am a fat pig”: Hehe, why do you think that Ye Tianxins father is Mr.

Xie What if he just happens to look like him Check Mr.

Xies background.

How could he allow his daughter to make this kind of film in public

Some people believed that Ye Tianxins father was actually Xie Xuning.

Of course, some people didnt believe it at all.

After all, Xie Xuning seemed so far away from their ordinary life.

Still, some nosy people deliberately left messages under Wu Tongs Weibo account to ask the question.

Was Xie Xuning Ye Tianxins father

Ye Tianxin had said herself that the movie Red Cherry was inspired by the love story between her parents.

Didnt the main actor die on a mission in the movie

Wu Tong refreshed the web page while sitting in front of the computer.

She smiled when she saw the questions.

Then she posted a photo of Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning, which was taken on the night of October 6.

Wu Tong: Ye Tianxins father is Xie Xuning.

See the photo attached.

What a pleasure for Jing Zhichen to watch these interesting events unfold on the Internet!

A person as tacky as him was fond of slapping himself in the face like this.


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