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Chapter 745: Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! [8]

Chunxue was surrounded by a group of creditors.

She was helpless and bewildered by the scene.

The creditors who were once polite to her looked like ferocious beasts now.

She would be thankful to anyone who could rescue her from the disaster.

Chuxue covered her face and shrieked, “Ill do it, Ill do it!”

Jing Zhichen nodded in approval.

Wouldnt it have been much easier for her if she just agreed with him from the start

She should have stopped acting so pretentious!

Eventually, she still had to compromise.

“Very well then, Jing Entertainment Group will follow-up this issue with full authority.

Please be assured that we will definitely come up with a satisfactory solution.”

With Jing Entertainment Groups guarantee, the contented creditors left the room shortly.

Chunxue glared at Jing Zhichen in resentment.

What was his relationship with Ye Tianxin that he was willing to defend her at such lengths

Jing Zhichen said in his usual calm tone, “Chunxue, youll still have to repay your debts by yourself.

The only thing that I can help you with is to minimize your property damage!”

“What Are you kidding me”

Chunxue did not expect to have to repay her debts using the money that she worked so hard to earn.

Why did she still need to pay the penalty fines

“Chunxue, you should know very well that nothing comes free in the world.”

Jing Zhichen was not Chunxues savior.

Of course, he would not handle the penalty fines for her.

“Im not going to pay for it.”

“Then youll definitely be sued by the advertising companies.

Your obligations were written clearly in black and white in the contracts.

Just grow up already, Chunxue.

You should understand what I mean!”

Chunxue could never take advantage of someone as cunning as Jing Zhichen.

Things mightve been different now if Chunxue did not attempt to frame her manager for her wrongdoings back then.

Her manager might still be at her service.

However, Chunxue was all alone now.

Nobody was going to help her.

Chunxues predicament indirectly reflected her failure in being a decent person.

Nobody was willing to lend her a helping hand when she was in trouble.


Jing Zhichen summoned a stylist to prep her for the video after Chunxue agreed to compromise.

Chunxue stared at her reflection in the mirror.

She looked incredibly worn out; it was as if she aged notably overnight.

Why did she age so fast

She was not even 30 years old yet.

Chunxue did not know that there was a saying: “Looks are a reflection of our minds”.

One who was good-natured and open-minded would eventually own a pleasant-looking face, and children would be close with them naturally.

One who was selfish and small-minded would eventually own a mean-looking face, and children would stay away from them naturally.

“Can we start recording now”

Chunxue nodded.

The high-definition camera was fully focused on Chunxues face, and there were no other lighting in the background.

The speckles and acne scars on Chunxues face could be seen clearly through the camera.

“I, Chunxue, would like to apologize to Ye Tianxin through this video.

Blinded by jealousy, I joined hands with Reporter Yang Shaopeng and defamed Ye Tianxin.

Im sorry for all the negative consequences I caused…”

Chunxues eyes were brimming with tears as she spoke.

Her arrogance was trampled by Ye Tianxin.

Her arrogance was crushed into fine powder.

Words could not describe how painful her heart felt.

Chunxue knew very well that she would never be able to return to the Empires entertainment industry again.

Jing Zhichen checked and uploaded the recorded video to the internet.

With that done, Chunxue was sent back to her bungalow.

She was instantly swarmed by creditors once she got out of the car.


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