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Chapter 756: The Doting Father, Xie, Signing In! (9)

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Still, what was she supposed to say

Obviously, it was impossible for Ye Tianxin to stop Xie Xuning from seeing Xie Qian.

Xie Qian was Xie Xunings biological father.

He did something terrible to Xie Xuning, and nothing would change that fact.

“Tianxin, I know you said that because of me…”

Xie Xuning thought his daughter was so kind and caring.

Ye Tianxin shook her head and replied, “Dad, no.

The feelings between two people are mutual..

Whoever treats me well, I will treat him well in return.

You know that he doesnt like me.

However, thats just me.

Dad, you are different because he is your father.”

Xie Xunings heart was turning soft.

He could understand his daughters emotions.

All feelings were mutual.

What he couldnt agree with was Xie Qians awful attitude.

According to what Xie Qian said, he clearly knew about Linlangs affair from the very beginning, but he never said anything about it.

Xie Qian remained silent about the incident even when both the mother and daughter appeared at the dinner party to disturb Ye Tianxin.

“I will listen to your advice.

Lets go see him.”

Xie Xuning arrived at Xie Qians ward.

Xie Xinghe was first shocked, then ecstatic when he saw Xie Xuning arrive.

“Uncle, you are here.”

Xie Xuning stood at the door and glanced inside.

Xie Qian was lying on the hospital bed with a pale face.

“What did the doctor say”

“Uncle, lets talk outside.”

Xie Xinghe asked Ye Tianxin and Li Xingchen to watch Xie Qian in the ward, while he and Xie Xuning walked to the corridor outside the ward.

“Uncle Qie said that there might be a serious problem with my Grandpas heart and suggested that we keep my grandpa in a good mood.”

Xie Xuning stood beside Xie Xinghe and stared at the white snow roof in the distance.

His eyesight was so good that he could see a bright red light above the snow from a distance.

“Get to the point.”

Xinghe Xinghe helplessly said, “Uncle, my grandpas situation is awful.

You should go and see him.

We cant do anything to cure him of his illness.”

In the ward, Li Xingchen noticed that Ye Tianxin appeared to be in a good mental state, unaffected by what was happening.

“Tianxin, have you contacted Xiao Cang recently”

Ye Tianxin nodded and answered, “Yes, I did.

Sister, how is grandpas situation Does he need an operation”

“Well, it may be necessary for him.

We have to listen to the doctors instructions in particular.”

Xie Qian was waking up slowly on the hospital bed.

He looked at Li Xingchen and said, “Xingchen, go outside.

I want to talk about something with Tianxin alone.”

Li Xingchen said, “Grandpa, you just woke up.

Would you like to drink some water Ill pour you a glass!”

Xie Qian shook his head and said, “Im not thirsty, you can go out now.”

Li Xingchen had no choice but to stare at Ye Tianxin with concern.

Ye Tianxin signaled to her that she was okay.

Li Xingchen walked out of the ward.

She was a little worried that the two of them in the ward might end in an argument, so she guarded at the door.

“Why did you come to see me Dont you hate me for what I did before”

Ye Tianxin glanced at Xie Qian.

He was already a dying old man.

“What Why should I hate you It takes energy to hate someone.

I dont want to waste my energy hating you.”

Xie Qian put his hand against his lips and coughed gently.

“I thought you would resent me a lot.

It seems that I worried too much.”

Xie Qian stared at the distant sky.

It was snowing, which marked the incoming arrival of winter; it was soon going to be another year.

“Whether you believe it or not, I didnt know what had happened back then.

If I knew Ye Linlang had given birth to you, I definitely wouldnt have let her leave with the money…”


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