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Chapter 787: You Have Two Choices, Its Either You Take It Off Yourself

It did not matter even though she was tired and hurting.

It was fine.

She could make it to the end.

“Ill walk in front.”

Xie Xuning walked in front and held one end of the wooden stick.

He guided Xie Yi along the mountain trail slowly.

Since Xie Yi was a woman, her stamina dropped rapidly.

She could not keep up with the monks in front who were physically stronger than her.

Both of them gradually fell behind.

Xie Yi watched with a guilty look as the monks walked further away.

She said, “Its my fault.

Im too weak.

Were already falling behind.”

“Its okay.”

The wind was getting stronger, while the snowfall was getting heavier.

Gradually, the gap between Xie Xuning and the team grew wider.

Xie Xuning felt uneasy too.

He might have overexerted himself when he was carrying the injured up the cliff.

Right now, his thigh felt icy-cold.

His face gradually turned pale.

His walking pace slowed down significantly too.

Xie Yi asked in surprise, “Mr.

Xie, are you feeling unwell”

She noticed that something seemed to be wrong with Xie Xunings legs.

He was walking unnaturally; his legs seemed inflexible.

Xie Xuning shook his head firmly and said, “Im fine.

Lets go.”

Both of them climbed slowly along the steep mountain trail.

The blizzard was getting stronger.

Xie Xuning gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

Xie Xuning let out a sigh of relief when he could finally see a faint light coming from the temple in the snowstorm.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldve taken them only half an hour to cover the distance.

In this snowstorm, it took them four hours.

Ye Tianxin jogged towards Xie Xuning when the rescue team entered the temple gate, ignoring Shi Hans attempt to stop her.



Ye Tianxins voice enlivened Xie Xuning, who was worn out.

“Tianxin, whatre you doing out here in such cold weather”


Ye Tianxin noticed that something was wrong with Xie Xunings legs right away.

She went to Xie Xunings side and supported him by the arm.

“Dad, did the wound on your thigh split open”

Xie Xuning shook his head and said, “Im not sure.”

“How could you not be sure You reek of blood.”

Deep down, Ye Tianxin criticized those fools who insisted on descending the mountain countless times.


Why did they harm others with their foolish act

Xie Yi asked, “Whats wrong with your dad”

Ye Tianxin did not say much.

“Dad has a wound on his thigh that fully healed not long ago.

I think it split open.”

“Im sorry, I didnt know that his leg was injured.”

Deep down, Xie Yi blamed herself.

She did not know about Xie Xunings wound.

If she had known about it, she would have climb up the mountain trail on her own.

Although she wouldve been slower, at least she wouldnt be a burden to him.

“Its not your fault.”

The support that Xie Xuning received from his daughter warmed his heart.

When they finally returned to the temple, Ye Tianxin helped Xie Xuning back into the room.

She was not in the mood to check on the mountaineers.

“Dad, can you take off your pants Ill see if theres anything I can do for your wound.”

Xie Xuning blushed slightly, “No, Its fine.

I can handle it myself.

I dont think its a big problem.”

Xie Yi came into the room and said, “Let me help.

As a doctor, Im very good at taking care of wounds,” she said.

Xie Xuning shook his head firmly, “No, Im fine.”

Xie Xunings wound was on his thigh.

It was too embarrassing for him to take off his pants.

“Dad, you have two choices.

Its either you take it off yourself, or Dr.

Xie and I will have to use a pair of scissors and cut it open!”

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