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Chapter 831: Can You Please stay My Mother-In-Law Needs You

As soon as Xie Yi came out, Ye Tianxin walked to her and asked, “Dr.

Xie, how is my grandma”

“There is nothing wrong with her physically, but she may have some psychological problems.

Xie Yi was a rigorous person.

She clearly knew that she had not made any mistakes during the operation.

The old lady woke up, which indicated that the operation was successful.

Now, I need to know what happened to the old lady before her car accident,” she said.

Xie Xuning said, “Someone lured her out under my wifes name in.

As a result, the old lady got into a car accident.”

Xie Yi asked, “What about your wife”

Xie Xuning shook his head and answered, “I dont know, I dont know where my wife is right now.”

Xie Yi said in a low voice, “Then this will be difficult.

Generally speaking, patients who have suffered brain trauma need a long time to recovery.

There are no problems with the old ladys health because you have done a good job earlier.

Right now, the old lady regards me as her daughter, and we cant bring ourselves to tell her that I am not.

It is not conducive to the recovery of the old lady.”

They all understood that.

Ye Tianxin also understood because she had also read so many medical books.

What she was uncertain about was if Xie Yi should live with them instead of her mother after things had turned out this way today

Even if she and her dad saw nothing wrong with it, then what about Shi Han

Was he going to be okay with that


Xie, you are the chief surgeon of my mother-in-law.

If you have any good treatment plans, please tell us.

We will do our best to follow your treatment plan.”

Xie Yi heard Xie Xuning with a touch of coldness on her eyebrows.

“Sorry, my flight will leave the Imperial Capital at 8 oclock tonight.”

Xie Yis original plan was that the old lady would wake up 24 hours after the operation.

After Mo Shi confirmed the old ladys condition, she could fly away with Shi Han and Moer.

She had told Mo Shi the follow-up treatment plan for the old lady.

There was no problem with the follow-up plan, too.

Xie Yi just didnt expect the old lady to wake up and mistake her for her own daughter.


Xie, are you going to leave”

Xie Yi nodded and said, “Yes.

I am.”

Ye Tianxin asked in a hoarse voice “Can you please stay”

She couldnt let Xie Yi leave.

What were they supposed to do if she left and her grandmas condition got worse

“Sorry, my schedule has already been confirmed.”

Xie Yi indifferently refused.

Shes seen so many things like this as a doctor.

It was even more unlikely that she would disrupt her all-time schedule for an unimportant patient.


Xie, would you please stay Well talk about the rest when my grandmas condition is relatively stable.

Is that all right with you”

Ye Tianxin plopped down on her knees in front of Xie Yi.

She didnt care about the so-called gold under the knees.

All she cared about was her grandmas health.

As long as her grandma was healthy, it didnt matter if she had to make a pilgrimage to show her devotion in the snow and ice-cold wind.


Xie Xunings eyes turned red.

Of course, he understood how Ye Tianxin felt about his mother-in-law.


Xie, could you please stay My mother-in-law needs you.”

Xie Yi looked at Ye Tianxin, who was kneeling in front of her.

She didnt know why, but the stalwart and elegant middle-aged man moved her.

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