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Chapter 838: Did You Become Someone Elses Stepmother When I Was Sick

Qie Wang silently looked at Xie Xuning, his mouth hanging wide open.

“If it isnt Zhiwei, then it has to be someone else.

Xuning, how many years has it been already Do you think you can keep going like this for another 20 years Why dont you ever just think about yourself”

Xie Xuning snorted coldly and sarcastically said, “Qie Wang, Im not like other guys who can love several women at the same time.

After loving one woman, I could never fall for another.

Theres only enough space inside my heart for Linlang.

By the way, Qie Wang, make sure nobody knows about Xie Yi pretending to be Linlang.

It hasnt been easy for the old lady over these past few years, so I dont want her to be affected.”

Qie Wang raised three fingers and vowed, “Understood.

I wont tell anybody else about it.

Dont worry.”

Xie Xuning stood up and left.

When he reached the door, he turned around and looked at Qie Wang again.

“Keep it a secret, especially from your beloved Sister Zhiwei.”

Xie Xuning never found the person behind the incidents back then, but that did not mean that Li Zhiwei was clear of suspicions.

Even if he was surrounded by enemies…

He did not want anybody to disturb his mother-in-law and Tianxin.

He had to make sure that his family was united and happy.

These were more important to him than anything else.

“Mum, let me take a look at your wound.”

Grandmothers wound from the surgery was recovering rather quickly.

Ye Tianxin looked at the hideous wound under the bandage for the first time when Xie Yi checked on the old ladys wound.


Ye Tianxin could not help feeling doubtful when she saw how her grandmothers wound was stitched up.

“What is it”

Xie Yi applied ointment on the wound skillfully.

Generally, it requires quite some time for a patient to fully recover from a craniotomy.

Although the wound on the scalps surface healed, it may take much longer for the inside of the scalp to heal.

“The way grandmothers wound was sewn together looked exactly the same as how I would do it.

Its just that my stitching techniques not that refined yet.”

Xie Yi applied a new clean bandage for the wound.

Xie Yi responded casually, “I stitched up her wound.

Since you said that we share the same stitching technique, show me how you stitch next time you get a chance.”

Ye Tianxin nodded.

She stood beside Xie Yi and fulfilled her responsibility as an assistant diligently.

She took the initiative and passed anything that Xie Yi needed to her.

The two worked well together.

Grandmother held Xie Yis hand and happily asked, “How is it”

Xie Yi played along with her and said, “Youre recovering well.

Youll be discharged from the hospital soon.”


Grandmother cooperated actively with the treatment plan, so she was recovering faster than expected.

“Mum, Id like to introduce my daughter, Ye Tianxin, to you.”

Xie Yi had to tell the old lady that she had a granddaughter and a son-in-law as soon as possible.

She could only leave the Imperial Capital without causing problems after the old lady accepted that fact.

Grandmother was stunned for a moment and stared at Ye Tianxin attentively.

“She looks nothing like you.

Dear, did you become someone elses stepmother when I was sick”

“No, Mum, I did not.

Shes really your granddaughter.

You had a car accident some time ago and injured your head.

Thats why you forgot about Tianxin for a while.

Its okay now.

Im sure youll be able to recover your lost memories soon.”

Xie Yis voice sounded so soft and gentle that Grandmother instinctively let her guard down upon hearing it.

She looked at Ye Tianxin again.

Was this girl truly her granddaughter

Why didnt she remember her at all

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