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Chapter 851: Participating in the Spring Festival Gala Rehearsal

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Uncle He handed over a bowl of beef marrow oil tea.

Xie Yi watched how Ye Tianxin mixed the bowl well before giving it a try.

The savory taste of the oil tea contains some homemade seasonings such as crispy fried string flour dough, chopped peanuts, fried crispy soybeans, and minced pickled mustard root.

“Does it taste good”

“It tastes delicious.”

Surprisingly, Xie Yi was fond of this kind of flavor after giving it a taste.

“Have some more if you like it.”

Ye Tianxin sat next to her grandmother and spoke in a low voice, “Grandma, you may spend a day with mom at home; I need to go to the TV station today.

The grandmother asked, “Why are you going to the TV station”

“To participate in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal.”

When Ye Tianxin and her grandmother celebrated the festival in Jiameng, they usually sat at home and watched the Spring Festival Gala together.

For many families in the Empire, the Spring Festival Gala was a carnival.

It was also an indispensable New Years Eve dinner in their lives.

Somewhat surprised, the grandmother asked, “Are you going to be a participant at the Spring Festival Gala”

“Ye Tianxin nodded.

“That is right, grandma.

You will be able to watch me on TV then.”

The grandmother replied, “Then youd better go quickly now.”

Grandmother urged Ye Tianxin to hurry up, not wanting to let the director wait for too long.

Ye Tianxin entrusted her grandmother to Xie Yi and then drove to the TV station.

The moment she got out at the TV station, she saw Jing Zhichen waiting there for her.

“Hi, brother, why are you here”

Jing Zhichen handed the Spring Festival Gala pass to Ye Tianxin, “This is the Spring Festival Gala badge.

You may wear it first; the director team is having a meeting right now; you may follow me.”

Being the Spring Festival Gala directors, it was no surprise that they were all extremely busy.

Every year they established the team of directors of the Spring Festival Gala in the middle of the year, and then the directors would look for distinctive programs all over the country.

There was no exception for this year; they established a team of directors for the event.

The team searched for novel programs from TV stations, schools, and social groups across the country.

Of course, there were many programs besides singing, dancing, crosstalks, and sketch comedies.

It was not easy to produce a range of programs that would appear to both refined and popular tastes.

Because there was a vast audience for the Spring Festival Gala, the program had to be enjoyable for everyone, from eighty-year-old adults to three-year-old children.

It was a challenging test for the team directors profound skills.

Jing Zhichen led Ye Tianxin to the directors conference room.

As soon as they both arrived in the room, they heard the Executive Director roar, “We only have less than a month until the Spring Festival Gala.

Just look at these programs.

What are these”

The Executive Director was under tremendous pressure, just like all the other directors.

“Recently, the momentum of the Internet has been exceedingly strong, which has put us in a difficult position.

Young people are attracted to new ideas.

Executive Director, we are also trying our best to match the needs of the younger generations.”

The Executive Director snorted, “Thats not a bad idea, but what is the point ​of inviting a few Korean stars Dont you think that the Koreans are troublesome enough”

Ye Tianxin was startled.

‘What is the matter Are Koreans invited to the Spring Festival Gala this time she thought to herself.

“There is this famous idol group from Korea, very popular among the young generations.

Because the director team wants to bring in these young audiences, they invited this group to come here.”

It may have been due to some issues in her later life, but Ye Tianxin had no positive feelings towards Koreans.

“Cant we eliminate that program then Brother, I remember that there is a group in our company.

We can launch that group.”

Ye Tianxin remembered that the Gu Enterprise had an endorsement during that period and had invited a popular Korean girl to endorse it.

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