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Chapter 876: This Woman Was Not Ye Linlang At All.

Ye Tianxin blocked her grandma and Xie Yi and said to Li Zhiwei, “Teacher Li, take your time shopping around.

I cant chat with you anymore because my grandma was frightened.”

Li Zhiwei was staring at Xie Yi like glue.

She was not Ye Linlang.

This woman was not Ye Linlang at all.

She looked nothing like Ye Linlang.

“Okay, Tianxin.

You take your grandma back.

By the way, you can check the surveillance video and see who the man in the video is.

Fortunately, I know grandma.

Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.”

Ye Tianxin looked at Li Zhiwei gratefully.

Though Li Zhiweis intention towards Xie Xuning was too obvious.

However, she was very grateful that she could help stop her grandmother from being taken away by a bad guy.

“Thank you, Teacher Li.”

“Youre welcome.”

Ye Tianxin and Xie Yi pushed Grandma away in opposite directions.

Li Zhiwei walked a few steps, then looked back at the three people walking in the crowd.

She firmly believed that the person pushing the wheelchair was not Ye Linlang.

However, how could someone as unique as Xie Xuning be deceived

No, it was impossible.

In other words, something that she didnt know happened during her absence from the Empire.

“Linlang, you just scared Mom to death!”

Grandma turned her head from time to time and looked at Xie Yi, who was pushing the wheelchair.

Ye Tianxin smiled.

She said to Xie Yi, “Mom, Ill push my grandma, and you walk in front of her.

Let her look at you.”

Ye Tianxin pushed the wheelchair, and Xie Yi walked by Grandmas side.

Grandma reached out to hold Xie Yis hand tightly.

Her eyes were full of worry and fear.

She was afraid that she would accidentally lose her daughter, who she had finally found again.

“Mom, its my fault.

Dont be afraid.

Im here with you now.”

Ye Tianxins eyes were slightly sour.

She wasnt jealous that Xie Yi took Ye Linlangs place.

She just recalled the pain that her grandma had buried in her heart over the years.

She must have looked at her face in the dead of night and thought about her missing daughter.

She must have been looking forward to the return of her daughter day and night.

She must have been the only one who didnt believe it when everyone said her daughter was dead.

She must have gone through the disappointment and despair again and again before she packed up all her daughters belongings.

In case, they would bring a great deal of pain to her when she saw them.

She would feel heartbroken when she saw them.

“Grandma, Mom is back.

She really returned to you.

You dont have to be afraid.”

Then Ye Tianxin looked up and saw a temporary guard room not far away.

She said to Xie Yi, “Mom, you and Grandma go to the tea house and wait for me.

Im going to the guard room.”


Xie Yi felt a little guilty.

Anyway, shes the one who almost lost Grandma just then.

Fortunately, the old lady was fine.

Otherwise, she would really regret it to her death.

Ye Tianxin walked into the guard room and requested access to the surveillance video at that time.

The people in the guard room ignored Ye Tianxin because they didnt know her.

“Hello, can I check the surveillance video A bad guy almost abducted my grandmother just now.”

Ye Tianxin tried to make her voice soft and non-aggressive.

A man in the guard room raised his head and glanced at Ye Tianxin.

He asked, “Your grandmother How could your grandmother be abducted at her age”

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