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Chapter 896: I Just Want To Spend the Rest of Our Lives Together

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“Tianxin, Ive had feelings for your dad ever since I first laid eyes on him.”

“Tianxin, Ive never had such feelings for other men…”

“Tianxin, I dont mind if he still loves your mum.

Its okay if he doesnt have feelings for me.

I only want to be with him and spend the rest of our lives together.”

Ye Tianxin got along quite well with Xie Yi and liked her too.

However, it was under the circumstances that Xie Yi did not have feelings for Xie Xuning.

She could not describe how she was feeling.

Her chest felt full of bitterness.

If Ye Linlang was the one who said that to her, then Ye Tianxin would raise both hands and agree with her.

However, this was Xie Yi talking.


Xie, I understand what youre trying to say.

Let me put it this way.

If my dad decides to be with you, I wont stop him.

Of course, Ill be happy for you guys if my dad decides to marry you.”

Xie Yi felt confused by Ye Tianxins words.

She thought that Ye Tianxin would happily agree with her.

Xie Yi never expected Ye Tianxin to feel this way.

“Im feeling quite sad.”

Xie Yi covered her face with her hands and sat on the sofa.

She was genuinely sad.

Shi Han had asked her if she was sure that she stood a chance before she left.

She answered that she was sure that she stood a chance, but it wasnt until now that she knew that she didnt stand a chance.


Xie, I admire your medical skills and ethics.

I do like you very much, but I dont know what to say…”

Ye Tianxin felt frustrated.

She wanted to outright reject Xie Yi.

However, when she looked into Xie Yis eyes, she could not help but feel her heart soften.

She even sympathized with her for loving Xie Xuning.

There was no doubt that Ye Tianxin believed that her dad was not someone who would fall for someone easily.

“Im sorry.

Its all my fault.

I shouldnt have forced you to stay behind for Grandmother.”

Ye Tianxin felt very guilty in her heart.

If she had not forcefully asked Xie Yi to stay behind for Grandmother, Xie Yi would not have fallen in love with Xie Xuning.

Xie Yi shook her head.

“Id like to take Grandmother out for a walk tomorrow.

Is that fine”


Ye Tianxin thought that in Grandmothers heart, Xie Yi was her mother.

Of course, Grandmother would be willing to go out for a walk with Xie Yi.

Xie Yi let out a sigh of relief and gently said, “Tianxin, thank you for bearing with me.”


Xie, youre making me feel bad.”

‘Im grateful for all the things that youve done for Grandmother, but I wont just give you my father because of that.

Xie Yi smiled.

“Ill feel bad if you keep on looking at me like this.

Tianxin, even if my confession got rejected, Im still willing to have you as my student.

Ill pass on the medical experience Ive accumulated over the years to you.”

“Thank you, Dr.


Uncle He walked over to them and spoke to Ye Tianxin, “Tianxin, Madam Li is here!”

Uncle He noticed that Wu Tongs private car drove into Lang Gardens surveillance area through the CCTV, so he came and gave a heads up to Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin nodded and went to the gate to meet Wu Tong in person.

The driver pulled the car door open for Wu Tong to get down from the car.

She then instructed the driver to unload the things in the trunk and move them into Lang Garden.

“Aunty, we havent seen each other in a long time.”

Wu Tong patted Ye Tianxins shoulder and said, “Its because youre too busy.

I had to come and take a look at you.

Im worried that nobody would be with you during the spring festival, so I brought you some goodies…”

Wu Tongs eyes landed on Xie Yi when she was talking with Ye Tianxin.

“Whos this”

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