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Chapter 907: Slap Him in the Face.

Its Cool!

“Isnt it true Now the people of Koryo have gone mad.

Its almost New Years Day.

Arent the people of Koryo making spicy cabbage If there arent cabbages, how can the people of Koryo celebrate the New Year Its too bad! ”

“Dont people said that the rabbits are evil-minded I just like the evil mind of the rabbits!”

“Nowadays, the forums in Koryo are filled with insults about the Lucky Girl Group.

How popular the group used to be, how miserable it is now…”

“Maybe Jin Xiuli has to come over and apologize specifically.

Tut-tut, I just like this way of slapping her in the face!”

“Isnt it The wise people can see that it was the Lucky Girl Groups fault.

Then theres a retard to clean up for them.

I expected as much… what an idiot.”

After the King of Singers had done such a thing on the stage and backstage today, he was definitely out of the Spring Festival Gala.

The standard of the Spring Festival Gala was so high, who would take such a trash man in

Whats more, its the King of Singers himself who looked for trouble now.

People would only say that he deserved it!

The King of Singers was sitting in the nannys car.

When he saw Ye Tianxin walking towards the car parked in the underground parking lot, he quickly opened the door and rushed to her side.

Before he was near Ye Tianxin, Guan Chenxi stood in front of Ye Tianxin wittily and keenly, “Do you want to be beaten”

The King of Singers legs had been shaking.

He just contacted his agency in the nannys car.

He didnt expect the agency to directly tell him that his new album wasnt coming out.

The role in the movie that he was going to act in would also be given to someone else!

He was laid off by the agency!

People knew that the agency paid a huge penalty to the agency in Koryo to get him back from Koryo.

The agency had been doing a pretty good job since he returned to China.

His fame had increased!

He was no longer the invisible man in a boy group.

The agency even gave him the title, “The King of Singers”.

He was about to reach the peak of his life.

What happened

He accidentally stepped on the air.

“Get off!”

After getting in the car, Guan Chenxi shouted at the King of Signers outside the car.

The King of Singers walked out of the underground parking lot in despair.

His cell phone was buzzing in his bag.

The King of Singers opened it and saw a text message from the president of his fan club.

The text message read:

“Ive been your fan since you were a trainee in Koryo, and I was just a student at that time.

I even wrote to support you when I knew you were being ostracized by other members.

Furthermore, I accompany you from a nameless trainee to become famous, and then youre on top of the world today.

However, I cant be with you right now because Im Chinese.

Good luck.”

Meanwhile, the Internet revealed that his previous songs, which King of Singers claimed to have written and composed by himself, were written by others.

He took no part in composing them.

That was not the most terrifying thing.

Worst of all, there were some early videos of the King of Singers as a trainee in Koryo on the Internet.

In the videos, he said that he despised his hometown and the Empire.

He also said that the quality of the people in the Empire was inferior.

He looked down on so many people!

Overnight, the King of Singers became a joke.

Aside from a few brain-dead fans, the others were all madly stomping on the King of Singers.

“Ye Tianxin, I heard about what happened backstage.”

Xie Xuning, who was at a meeting in the United Nations, made a phone call to Ye Tianxin.

Ye Tianxin was stunned.

She asked, “Dad, will my high profile cause you trouble”

“Silly girl, youre allowed to be high-profile.

Besides, who would want to trouble me”

Xie Xunings eyes were cold and murderous as he spoke.

Whoever dared to trouble his daughter was looking for death!

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