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Chapter 909: Go to the Imperial and Apologize to Ms.


“Tianxin, Im sorry.

I did something stupid out of jealousy today.”

Ye Tianxin frowned slightly.

She immediately knew that Li Zhiwei exposed Xie Yis true identity to Grandmother.


Li, I understand how you feel, but dont waste time trying to apologize.

Ill never forgive you or forget what you did.”

She knew very well what was Li Zhiwei thinking.

She had romantic feelings for Xie Xuning.

Some woman suddenly moved into Xie Xunings Lang Garden.

It was only natural for her to do something out of jealousy.

Still, why did Li Zhiwei call to apologize after all she had done

Was she hoping to maintain her reputation after doing something so heinous

“If theres nothing else you want to say, Ill be going now.”

With that said, Ye Tianxin hung up the call.

If somebody was going to be her stepmother and spend the rest of her life with Xie Xuning, she would honestly prefer Xie Yi over Li Zhiwei.

After hanging up, LiZhiwei told Qie Wang, “Brother Wang, I really did something wrong.

I thought that…”

“Zhiwei, you should have known better.

Xuning…” Qie Wang did not get to finish his sentence before Li Zhiwei interrupted him.

“I know.

I know very well, but I just couldnt control my emotions and feelings for Xie Xuning.

I dont understand why Xie Yi could be the one staying beside Xie Xuning.

I cant accept it.

Id give up if Ye Linlangs back, but she hasnt…”

Qie Wang pitied Li Zhiwei.

She fell for someone who would never reciprocate her feelings.

“Zhiwei, you must understand what kind of person Xie Xuning is.

He would have rejected Xie Yi even if she confessed to him.

That guys heart belonged to Ye Linlang.

He is now nothing without her.”

Li Zhiwei covered her face in pain.

“Ive loved him for 20 years, and time passed by just in a blink of an eye.

I cant do anything else but love him.”

“Then find some other way out.

Keep yourself occupied with some other things.

Zhiwei, your life shouldnt depend on Xie Xuning.

Do you understand”

That was easy enough for anybody to understand, but it was always much easier said than done.


If you ask, whats love

Its something that stays between us until death!

How hurtful could love be Only those who have been hurt understood.

Koreas current situation was broadcasted on the news.

Theres was a severe shortage of Chinese cabbage in Korea, and the price of Chinese cabbage had doubled more than dozens of times.

The people of Korea complained and heavily criticized Lucky Girls.

“Ive asked someone to book a flight for us.

Tomorrow, were going to the Imperial together and apologize to Ms.


Lucky Girls manager announced that to the girls.

Jin Xiulis face turned pale.

She was very puzzled.

Why was their company not defending them Why were they asking them to apologize when they were the victims

“Why should we apologize Its their fault, not ours.”

“They bullied us because they had more people on their side…”

“Our company should sue them instead.

Why should we apologize to her”

The manager looked at the girls coldly.

“You guys dont want to apologize, right”

“Shes the one who hit us.

Why do we have to apologize”

Jin Xiuli wasnt happy with it.

She did nothing wrong, so why should she apologize

The netizens followed suit and were scolding her with comments.

Did she do anything wrong

Wasnt she just speaking the truth

Wasnt it true that the Imperials dances were ugly

Wasnt it true that the Imperials songs were unpleasant

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