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Chapter 966: Hes Jealous!

Shi Han gave Ye Linlang a soft hug, then whispered something into her ear.

Ye Linlangs ears turned red slightly.

She smiled softly and said, “I see, but you cant leave without everyone else knowing.”


Shi Han and Zeus got in the car.

Ye Linlang stood in place and watched the car leave reluctantly.

The snow was heavy tonight.

The sky was gloomy and dark.

Because Langyuan was far away from the city, it was snowing heavily at this time.

The car quickly disappeared in the vast snow.

Ye Tianxin leaned on Ye Linlangs shoulder.

“Mom, lets go back.

Its so cold.”

Ye Linlang turned her head and glanced at Ye Tianxins down jacket.

“Lets go back to the house.”

Ye Linlang walked to Xie Xunings side after returning to the room.

“Can we talk”

Ye Linlang took the initiative to talk with Xie Xuning, which made him feel flattered.

“Yes, of course.”

Xie Xuning and Ye Linlang went to the study together.

Once they entered the room, Ye Linlang saw the portrait hanging on the wall

“Is that me”

The painting hanging on the wall was the old Ye Linlang.

Xie Xuning put in all of his passion into making this painting.

“Yes, its you.”

Ye Linlang looked at the person in the painting.

She carefully examined herself in it.

She might have been beautified by Xie Xuning, she looked so beautiful.

She looked like a fairy.

“I am not that beautiful.”

Ye Linlang stretched out her hand and touched her face.

After she touched her face, she thought that she might have thought too much.

Her face was different from before.

“No, you are always the most beautiful to me.”

Ye Linlangs face flushed slightly, and she slowly looked away from the painting.

“Can I have this painting”

“Yes, you can.”

Xie Xuning took the painting from the wall and handed it to Ye Linlang.

Ye Linlang took the painting over and said in a low voice, “I remember Tianxin was only 19 years old.

She is so young and already has a boyfriend.

That… that seems pretty strange, dont you think”

Xie Xuning asked, “Are you talking about Li Qingcang”

Ye Linlang bit her lip and nodded.

In her opinion, their daughter was still so young, and there was no need for her to fall in love so early.

Most of all, she was worried about the young man and woman, who had a strong passion for each other.

What if they couldnt control themselves and had an abortion

Ye Tianxin was too young to become a mother now, right

“Yes, I think Tianxin is still young, and it is not good for her to fall in love so early.”

Ye Linlang told the truth.

Xie Xuning chuckled.

This must be what mother-daughter bonding looked like.

Even though they hadnt met each other before, she would subconsciously love her daughter whenever she saw her.


Tianxin and Qingcang are free to fall in love with each other.”

With a soft voice, Xie Xuning told Ye Linlang about how Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang met and fell in love.

After he finished speaking, he laughed slightly at himself.

“On that note, Im in no position to say anything else on the matter.

Qingcang is also my junior, so I have watched him grow up.

He is a very reliable man and I believe he is kind to our Tianxin.

Think about it this way, Linlang: Qingcang is someone I know, and he is always better than others.

Dont you think”

Xie Xunings voice was soft and persuasive.

Ye Linlang was persuaded before she knew it.

She smiled softly, and her eyebrows were tender as water.

Ye Linlang hesitated for a moment, and said lowly, “Dont you blame me, though I dont even remember you.”


Xie Xuning smiled a little and said in a warm voice, “Linlang, you can stop thinking of me as your husband and try to think of me as your friend..

Is that okay with you”

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